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Online Training Inside Wellbeing Club

A Staff Training Session

Wellbeing Toolkit Course

This online toolkit course is packed with evidence-based practical activities, strategies, resources and methods for building wellbeing in children and young people.

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Introduction to the Role of Senior Mental Health Lead

Bringing role clarity to new in post or beginner Senior Mental Health Leads.

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Senior Mental Health Lead Wellbeing Pathway

DfE Assured Senior Mental Health Lead Training to lead whole-school wellbeing.

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Staff Development Toolkit Course

Increase staff and teacher capacity to support pupil mental health and wellbeing

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Understanding Monitoring and Evaluation

How using evaluation data can support school mental health and wellbeing.

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Wellbeing Resources Inside Wellbeing Club

Resilience Workshop Toolkit

Practical resources for teaching and learning skills that help build resilience.

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Positive Psychology Tools

Downloadable positive education resources for wellbeing teaching and learning

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Staff Development Activities

CPD resources to support ongoing mental health and wellbeing staff development

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Staff Wellbeing CPD Inside Wellbeing Club

Staff and Teacher Self-Compassion for Wellbeing


Crafting Teacher Wellbeing Into Work


Preventing and Supporting Staff and Teacher Stress


Understanding Barriers to Supporting Staff Wellbeing


How Workplace Bullying Impacts School Wellbeing


Creating a Culture for Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing


Supporting Staff and Pupil Mental Health During Covid19

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Mental Health CPD Inside Wellbeing Club

Kindness Interventions for School Wellbeing


Understanding and Helping Anxious Children at School


Being A Trauma Informed School


Supporting the Mental Health of Trans Young People at School


Developing School Wellbeing to Support Autistic Pupils


School Nurse Partnerships to Promote Positive Mental Health of Pupils


Support Young Carers to Protect Their Mental Health


Enabling Pupil and Student Voice for Mental Health


School Values for Wellbeing and Inclusion


Why Have Student Wellbeing Ambassadors?


Developing Your Targeted Support for Pupils or Students


Coaching Young People Discovery Workshop

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Wellbeing Club Community

Online Coaching

Coaching logs to help you maintain progress in developing school wellbeing

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Consultancy Calls

Half termly online drop-in hotline calls, for regular, advice and encouragement

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Peer Support Network

Supportive community of peer school mental health and wellbeing leads

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Join our Wellbeing Club today!

We have a membership tier for each stage of your journey developing school mental health and wellbeing.

Starting Tier

1-year access to:


  • Introduction to the role of SMHL (1.5hrs)

  • SMHL Wellbeing Pathway Course (9hrs)

CPD Library

  • Library of online guest expert workshops

  • Regular guest expert workshops


  • School mental health review

  • Wellbeing curriculum audit

  • Practical wellbeing CPD activities

  • Policy templates and examples


  • Half termly hotline drop-in in calls

  • Peer network of SMHL's

  • Online coaching


  • Examples of effective practice from other schools

Price per person



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Developing Tier

1-year access to EVERYTHING at Starting tier PLUS


  • Wellbeing Toolkit (5hrs)

  • Staff Development Toolkit (3hrs)

  • Understanding Monitoring and Evaluation (2 hrs)

  • Understanding and Support Staff Stress (2 hrs)

Staff Wellbeing CPD Library

  • Staff Wellebing Workshops by psychologists and guest experts


  • Over 20 downloadable wellbeing curriculum resources for pupils

  • 6 Train-the trainer staff development resources to support pupil mental health


  • Personalised welcome coaching call

Price per person



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Embedding Tier

1-year access to EVERYTHING at Starting and Developing tier PLUS


  • Staff Wellbeing Toolkit (3hrs)

  • Parent Toolkit (3hrs)

  • Introduction to coaching young people (2hrs)


  • Staff wellbeing activities, planners and checklists

  • Activities to support parent and carers support their child’s wellbeing

  • Introductory coaching resources


  • 2 x 30 minute personalised leadership coaching calls

Price per person



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Apply for £1200 DfE funding to join
Wellbeing Club.

Worth-it is a DfE assured SMHL course provider. This allows Schools to apply for and obtain full DfE grant funding of £1200 for our Wellbeing Club Programme.

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