Free Monthly Workshop

Why Have Student Wellbeing Ambassadors?

23rd November 2021 4-5pm

Through collaboration with Founder of Diverse Educators and school leadership development, consultant, coach and trainer specialising in Mental Health and Wellbeing/Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Hannah Wilson, this webinar introduces the benefits both academically and personally that are gained through providing a Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme

Introductory Video

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Who this is for

School Senior Mental Health Leads
Senior Leadership Team
Youth and Community Programme Managers
Pastoral Managers
Youth or Support Workers

Do you...

Want to discover ways to provide effective early intervention for vulnerable cohorts of young people?
Want to understand how a student led wellbeing programme can help increase your school’s capacity to support pupil mental health and wellbeing?
Find yourself looking for ways to increase capacity to support pupil mental health and wellbeing within your school or setting?

How do you know this is right for you?

In collaboration with guest expert Hannah Wilson co-founder or Diverse Educators our 'Why have Wellbeing Ambassadors?' Workshop introduces you to the benefits of having a peer-led wellbeing programme in your school or setting and how developing a sense of belonging and connection can protect the wellbeing of vulnerable cohorts of young people. The workshop will help develop your understanding about the intersectionality between our identity, our sense of belonging and our wellbeing and why this is important for young people's mental health.

In this value-packed LIVE online webinar, you will be walked through practical examples and information. Attending will clarify the benefits of developing your own group of student wellbeing ambassadors, mentors or champions. We will share insights from our own student led Wellbeing Ambassadors programme.

What will you gain?

Learn from practice examples of other schools that have developed their own Wellbeing Ambassadors programme
Develop your understanding about the intersectionality between our identity, our sense of belonging and our wellbeing
Gain insight into our leading evidence-based programme ‘Wellbeing Ambassadors’ and find out how we enable peer to peer wellbeing support for students
Be introduced to the practical steps you can take to offering your own student lead peer wellbeing programme
An understanding of where a targeted intervention fits within your whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing
Understand why peer to peer support is so effective.

Workshop Host

Hannah Wilson

Guest Expert

A former Headteacher of two start-up schools, including the first school in Oxfordshire to receive the Gold Mental Health in Schools Award, Hannah is the Co-Founder of Diverse Educators and she consults, trains and coaches.


Liz Robson-Kelly

CEO & Founder

Liz is the CEO, Founder and Creative Director at Worth-it and is a leading Positive Psychologist and Educator. She has been developing evidence-based, co-produced early prevention programmes for young people within schools, the NHS and local authorities for over 12 years.


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