Early Prevention Consultancy

We specialise in the integration of organisational psychology, positive psychology and coaching with the aim of creating sustainable approaches to mental health promotion and the early prevention of mental health problems in children and young people. We work with schools and children’s organisations nationally and internationally to develop sustainable and embedded evidence-based approaches to mental health problem prevention.

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Delivering Wellbeing Support to Schools and Settings Nationwide

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We Provide Consultancy for

Children and Young People in a workshop


We specialise in the promotion of wellbeing and resilience in pupils, staff and school communities, through a whole school approach to wellbeing.

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Children and Young People in a workshop


Our services and solutions offer organisations evidence-based approaches to develop positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience in children and young people.

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Staff wellbeing workshop


We partner with health and local authority commissioners to deliver evidence-based, cost effective mental health prevention programmes and consultancy.

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Introduction to Prevention Programmes

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School Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultancy

Our consultancy ensures your school will gain the support and knowledge required to help you build a sustainable approach to wellbeing, resilience and mental health for your whole school.

Our consultants work with headteachers, senior leaders, and key staff members to develop whole school mental health and wellbeing programmes. These can include strategy development and implementation, school improvement planning, twilight sessions, inset days and targeted intervention design.

Wellbeing Club Resources

School Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultancy

Our tailored online mental health consultancy for schools and school mental health leads is provided through our membership programme Wellbeing Club. Wellbeing Club provides 12 months access to consultancy, coaching, online learning and practical mental health and wellbeing resources.

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Introduction to Whole School Wellbeing

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Our Work is Changing Young Lives

Young Person's Voice Consultancy - Tameside and Glossop

Worked in partnership with both Tameside and Glossop CCG and Tameside Metropolitan Borough council to provide young person's voice workshops and ongoing support to help with the development of a community based early intervention and prevention service designed and procured by local young people.

Tameside and Glossop CCG
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Raising Aspirations - Humber Outreach Programme

Worked in partnership with The University of Hull and the Humber Outreach Programme to develop tailored support packages of training and intervention for 12 secondary schools across North Yorkshire, the Humber and North Lincolnshire, these interventions provided resilience workshops for secondary schools and school staff training and CPD on how to support pupil and parent resilience and wellbeing.

University of Hull
Humber Outreach Programme

Supporting wellbeing across all schools and colleges in St Helens

We worked with St Helens Core Commissioning Group, St Helens Borough Council and Department for Education on a bespoke training programme and welling toolkit to support children and young people across the whole St Helens school and college community.

St Helens Clinical Commissioning Group
St Helens Local Authority
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Consultancy Testimonials

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“I have been particularly impressed with how Worth-It co-produced the co-production process with children and young people, and how they have enabled the language used by children and young people to shape how the offer will be developed. Furthermore, Worth-it have worked with us with tight deadlines; they have been flexible, creative and approachable throughout. I look forward to our continued work with them.”

Charlotte Lee, Population Health Programme Manager, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

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Specialist Areas of Consultancy

Positive Mental Health

Our consultancy empowers organisations to develop positive mental health programmes for children and young people. We support organisations to develop tailored prevention programmes for mental health problems. We work with NHS and local authority commissioners to develop large scale early intervention programmes. Including youth led prevention, such as peer mentoring, working with groups of schools through whole school approaches to mental health and developing staff capacity through workforce development training.


Developing resilience in children and young people is an effective way of providing targeted early prevention for mental health problems. Our team of Consultants support organisations and teams to develop strategies, programmes, training or workshops that utilise a raft of evidence-based methods to cultivate resilience in children and young people.

Positive Education

Applied Positive Psychology within the field of education is known as Positive Education. Our Positive Education Consultants are leading experts in the UK. Our approach to Positive Education, specifically developed for the UK, focuses on solutions for prevention of mental health problems in children and young people by building their resilience and promoting mental health and wellbeing.

Character Strengths

We are leaders in developing approaches that build character strengths in children and young people. We work in collaboration with a wide-range of organisations including local authorities, the NHS, social care providers, education settings, and voluntary sector organisations. With a grounding in Positive Psychology, our team of consultants work with organisations to develop suitable character strengths interventions that contribute to an array of positive outcomes including prevention of mental health problems and social issues such as homelessness, poverty, crime and worklessness.

Positive Psychology

Our team of Masters Level qualified Positive Psychologists provide consultancy to a range of organisations, supporting the development of sustainable approaches to wellbeing, resilience and mental health. Our primary focus is the prevention of mental health problems in children and young people through the use of positive psychology. This touches a number of related areas including housing and homelessness, parenting, fostering and adoption, charities and social enterprises, health and social care, community and third sector and the education sector.

Children’s Workforce Development

Our Consultants have developed extensive training and development programmes for up-skilling the children’s workforce to develop positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience in children and young people. Our consultancy supports organisations such as the NHS, local authorities, education settings and community organisations by improving the capacity and capability of the workforce to support the promotion of wellbeing and prevent mental health problems developing.

Mental Health Consultants

We have a team of qualified and experienced Wellbeing Consultants, Positive Psychologists and Coaches. Our team has extensive experience working with children, young people, schools and organisations to develop resilience, wellbeing and prevent mental health problems.

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