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Wellbeing Academy

The Wellbeing Academy is an online learning platform that increases capacity to support the development of positive mental health and wellbeing in children and young people.

Wellbeing Club Resources
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What is the Wellbeing Academy?

Our Wellbeing Academy provides a wealth of online wellbeing resources based on applied positive psychology and coaching approaches made accessible to use with children and young people. Accessing the online platform enables you to learn how to use these wellbeing resources in practical ways that help you feel more confident and able to support children and young people to improve their wellbeing and resilience.

Our programmes provide access to:

Downloadable toolkits and resources

Bespoke online learning platform

Professional development

Community and coaching support

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Delivering Wellbeing Support to Schools and Settings Nationwide

Scarborough 6th Form College
Stanley Green Infant Academy
Hazlehurst Community Primary
Alderman Richard Hallam Primary, Leicester
 Rainey Endowed Grammar School, Northern Ireland
West Leicestershire CCG
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Our Academy Programmes

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Coach Training

Our Coach Training courses provide evidence based approaches and resources for coaching young people that help prevent the onset of mental health problems and develop resilience.

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Wellbeing Ambassadors

Our peer support programme for young people equips them to be Wellbeing Ambassadors within their school or setting. The Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme establishes and supports an empowered team of young people to become leaders of wellbeing and mental health initiatives for their peers.

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Wellbeing Club

Our Wellbeing Club for School Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads enables you to feel confident and encouraged, empowering you to plan, promote and lead whole-school wellbeing and positive mental health. We help you learn how to develop sustainable whole school wellbeing that will make a big difference to preventing mental health problems in your school or college.

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Wellbeing Toolkit

The Wellbeing Resource Toolkit provides practitioners with a range of wellbeing activities, strategies, and downloadable mental health resources. These are combined with online self-paced learning for individual practitioners or staff teams, which provides training in how to use over 20 evidence-based positive education activities, proven to improve the wellbeing of children and young people.

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Staff Wellbeing

The online or on-site Staff Wellbeing Workshop Programme provides teachers and school staff the opportunity to explore their own wellbeing, while gaining strategies that develop positive mental health and reduce stress.

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Wellbeing Ambassador Resources

Who is the Wellbeing Academy for?

The Wellbeing Academy has been developed to increase capacity within the child and adolescent workforce to prevent mental health problems developing in children and young people. Individuals or teams of practitioners can gain access to the resources and online learning inside the Academy with a personalised log-in.

Current members include: Senior Mental Health Leads, School Leaders, Youth Workers, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Support Workers, Children's or Public Health Nurses, Youth Coaches and Mentors, Multi Agency Teams and many more.

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Accredited Mental Health Training Provider

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Why did we develop the Wellbeing Academy?

Over 12 years working with children, young people and schools we developed a whole toolkit of practical and accessible positive psychology resources and techniques that improve wellbeing. This combined with over a decade of experience delivering training in schools and with the children’s workforce made us realise there was a need to develop ways for people to access our resources and training online.

During 2020/21, we developed a bespoke online learning platform to make our approach accessible to as many people as possible, meaning we can meet our social mission of helping prevent the onset of mental health problems for children and young people nationally and internationally.

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Behind the Scenes Tour

Take a sneak peak behind the scenes of Wellbeing Academy and see how it works.

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Free Wellbeing Academy Resources

Children's wellbeing activities from positive psychology designed on a leaflet
Free Resource

Wellbeing Leaflet for Schools

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Wellbeing booklet front cover with text Worth-it Guide
Free Resource

Wellbeing Activity Booklet

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Image of positive Mental Health Poster poster download
Free Resource

Mental Health Poster for Schools

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Free Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

Group of young people looking for mental health prevention support
Free CPD

Introduction to Prevention Programmes

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Teachers with good wellbeing at school on a screen representing a webinar
Free CPD

Strategies to Support Teacher Wellbeing

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Image of an empty classroom representing what will happen if you do not use the pupil wellbeing ambassadors programme in your school
Free CPD

Peer Support for Wellbeing in Primary Schools

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Who is this for?

Individuals or teams that want to:

  • Empower children or young people to develop positive mental health and wellbeing.

  • Enable children and young people to develop personal resources for wellbeing and resilience.

  • Increase capacity in their role or setting to improve wellbeing.

  • Help prevent the onset of mental health problems earlier for many children and young people.

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Who is this not for?

Individuals or teams that:

  • Are looking for a quick fix.

  • Are focused on a deficit based approach.

  • Sees mental health problems as needing a purely clinical approach.

  • Want to pass the buck to other agencies and not contribute to being the solution.

  • Has fear or stigma around mental health problems and their role in supporting the needs of children and young people.

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Need Online Mental Health Support for your School or Setting?

Our academy provides a platform for you to gain the necessary tools and knowledge to make tangible and positive changes in your school or setting, starting today. Join our supportive community and embark on a journey towards greater wellbeing.

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