Free Monthly Workshop

How Workplace Bullying Impacts School Wellbeing

December 9, 2021 4:00 PM

Join us as we discuss workplace bullying, and how defining and understanding bullying is impacted by individual perceptions. We will highlight the impact bullying has on individuals, schools and society and discuss how to create a school climate which reduces bullying and enhances wellbeing.

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Who this is for

Senior Leadership Team
School Senior Mental Health Leads
Pastoral Managers
School/college HR managers

Do you...

Want to find out how to address workplace bullying within schools and colleges?
Want to understand more about workplace bullying in educational settings?

How do you know this is right for you?

‍Do you want to develop staff wellbeing to help develop your whole school wellbeing? Worth-it’s workshop, How Workplace Bullying Impacts Whole School Wellbeing, led by senior lecturer and workplace bullying expert, Dr Iain Coyne, is the chance for you to benefit from the insights of a leading researcher in the field of workplace bullying.

Iain will share how the school environment can set the scene for workplace bullying and how you can implement strategies to create a climate which reduces bullying. We’ll be discussing how workplace bullying in schools and colleges can impact the wellbeing, learning and behaviour of pupils and students. The workshop will cover cyberbullying, helping schools understand the impact that cyberbullying can have on teachers and staff. This is epically relevant due to the latest explosion of cyberbullying of teachers and staff on TikTok.

This workshop is an opportunity to learn strategies to help reduce the risk of workplace bullying in your school or college and promote whole school wellbeing.

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What will you gain?

An understanding of the bystander principle and how to support staff voice
Strategies to help you create an ethos and conditions that support whole school wellbeing
Strategies to reduce workplace bullying within your school or college
Tips on interventions to help prevent workplace bullying within your school or college
Increased knowledge of how a school environment can set the scene for bullying to occur and how to avoid this
Increased understanding of what workplace bullying is

Workshop Host

Dr. Iain Coyne

Guest Expert

Iain Coyne is a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at Loughborough University and has been researching the area of bullying at work for around 20 years. He has published over 25 peer reviewed articles and book chapters on workplace bullying and cyberbullying, and co-edited a book on Bullying in Different Contexts.


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