Learn Powerful Ways to Support Resilience in Young People

Gain the skills, knowledge and practice to coach the young people you work with and support.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You are worried about the mental health and wellbeing of young people you work with.

  • You are concerned that the young people you support are facing many challenging situations and they don't have the skills to cope. You feel they are at risk of more severe mental health problems developing.

  • You have done a range of learning or training courses but are looking for a more in-depth training course to know the support you are providing is effective.

  • Young people in your school or setting are disengaged or lacking motivation.

  • You want to provide a safe and effective interventions to support them develop strategies for resilience.

  • You want to empower young people to take responsibility for their own success and achievement but are not sure how to do this.

  • The young people you support are experiencing poor mental wellbeing; they are worried, stressed and lack resilience.

Introducing Coach Training

For 10 years we have been coaching 100s of young people. Through becoming more resilient and building strategies for wellbeing we have helped them to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression levels.

We know if we train practitioners in our approach to coaching MANY more young people will be supported. That’s why we want you to become a Worth-it Trained Coach and enable the young people you work with benefit from coaching.


Become a Worth-it Coach

  • Our online Worth-it Coach Training course supports to you learn to use our evidence-based approach to positive psychology coaching.

  • The Course is split into two parts, Coaching Essentials and Coaching Plus. Coaching Essentials is recommended if you want to coach young people in your current role such as student support, in teaching or youth work. The Coaching Plus module provides the opportunity to become Accredited Coach with the Association for Coaching.

  • The coach training programme provides up to 56 hours of blended learning. Delivered through our online learning platform, live online skills practice workshops, recommended reading, reflective logs and practical tasks.

  • Through peer-to-peer learning groups with other Trainee Coaches, you will be able to share and reflect on your coaching practice building up your skills and confidence to successfully coaching young people.

  • Live training sessions are conducted through a series of half day online workshops. These will comprise of 4 mandatory and two optional additional sessions for participants completing the Coaching Plus module.

  • The course should take approximately 3 months to complete depending on your progress.

  • You will gain access to and learn how to use our bank of downloadable coaching tools and resources to use with young people. These include cards, pdf worksheets and activities.

  • You will be supported to complete up to 20 hours of coaching practice with young people.

  • Enroll now to start benefiting from the skills and knowledge gained on this course. Enabling you to quickly support young people through coaching.

Coaching enables you to address these needs in the young people you work with


Through coaching the young people you work with will become empowered and learn strategies that help them deal with and manage their situations.

Poor Mental Health

Coaching can help develop resilience and improve strategies for positive mental health and wellbeing. This helps prevent the onset of long-lasting mental health problems.


Through build self-reliance and resilience in the young people you work with, will become more independent and confident to tackle challenges they face.


Coaching is a practical and proactive way to help young people deal with transitions. This includes the transition back to school following lockdown.

Lack of Strategies

The process of coaching increases young people’s range of coping resources and self-help strategies.

Lack of Engagement

Coaching cultivates motivation and supports young people to progress and move forward, increasing engagement and attainment.

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Why become a Worth-it Trained Coach?

Worth-it have been supporting the prevention of mental health problems in young people for over a decade. Over 5000 children and young people have participated in our programmes for early prevention.
We have worked with 100s of young people through direct coaching 1-2-1 interventions. We have trained over 3500 practitioners, including teachers, youth workers, support workers and NHS staff in our Positive Psychology Coaching approach. Worth-it believe (and our published research tells us) that the coaching relationship and process is a highly effective way for young people to learn skills and strategies that develop resilience and wellbeing.

We are now providing the opportunity for YOU to train become a Worth-it Trained Coach and either provide Coaching to young people you work with in your school or setting, or as an independent coach. Below you will find how our Coach Training Course meets our organisational values.


We believe in providing resources and training that creates a real and sustainable change. That is why we provide you with all the training and resources you need to coach young people yourself, meaning many more young people will benefit from our approach to coaching.


Our course has been developed by a team of Positive Psychologists and Qualified Coaches utilising up-to-date research and practice. The Worth-it Coach training course will cover all the necessary underpinning theory and research to support young people develop resilience and wellbeing through Positive Psychology Coaching. We have even published our own research in international psychology journals.


This programme has evolved from extensive partnership work with, schools, local authorities, early prevention and CAMHS teams with a range of NHS services and local authorities nationally who have accede our training over the last 10 years.


Most importantly our Coaching Tools and Resources have been developed with and for young people. Taking on their ideas and feedback only enables our coaching interventions to meet their needs.

Staff from schools and organisations that attend this training include

Coach Training Testimonials

“This training has given me new skills and techniques to enable young people to recognise barriers and own emotions in order to be able to make more informed choices and set goals and aspirations for their future.”

Nina Allard Service Manager – Inside Out, Coaching Service The Children’s Society

“The training was so useful and I will find it really useful with the young people I am working with.”

Emma Sharpe – Project Worker, The Children’s Society

“Formal coaching is new to me, but I now feel that I could work with young people to help them find their own solutions.”

Claire Thorpe – Youth inclusion and safeguarding Coordinator, Leicestershire Fire Service

“The ability to practice theory and models of positive and coaching psychology, it is refreshing and more engaging way to consider how the tools will enable my practice.”

Lucy Hart-  Homeless Prevention Coach, P3

Coach Training Programme Leads

Liz Robson-Kelly

CEO & Founder

Liz is the CEO, Founder and Creative Director at Worth-it and is a leading Positive Psychologist and Educator. She has been developing evidence-based, co-produced early prevention programmes for young people within schools, the NHS and local authorities for over 12 years.

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Kim Carr

Area Lead Consultant, UK Midlands & North

Kim is a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner, combining her knowledge of applied Positive Psychology in schools with 10 years’ experience teaching Psychology, extensive experience of secondary school leadership and a great passion for developing school mental health and wellbeing.

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Jonny Baker


Jonny is an expert in coaching and training with young people. He has over nine years’ experience, working with over a thousand young people and youth workers to develop their confidence, communication, mental health and wellbeing. Many of whom were categorised as at risk, NEET, refugee, SEN and ESOL.

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Want us to Coach the Young People in your School or Setting?

We have created this Coach training course to support practitioners to learn how to coach young people. We realise that in some situations you may need to increase your organisational capacity to support young people through our direct coaching support.
In order to address this, we are able to provide one-to-one or small group coaching with young people from your school or organisation.


What Skills do Young People
Learn through Coaching?

Our work and research has shown that skills for resilience and wellbeing skills are developed through the experience of the coaching relationship, through explicit learning with their coach and through practising the skills and strategies for wellbeing and resilience inside and outside the coaching sessions.

Our approaches allow young people to take responsibility and ownership for their thinking, feelings and behaviour. The wellbeing skills and resilience strategies the young people develop through positive psychology coaching combine these three broad interrelated categories.

Interpersonal and Relationship Skills

Skills and strategies that develop positive relationships and the skills to make and maintain them. This can include communication skills, friendship and teamwork skills.

Self and Emotional Awareness Skils

Strategies that develop self-knowledge, self- acceptance and positive self-image. These are combined with strategies that develop emotional literacy.

Thinking Skills

Skills that help young people developing a positive outlook, deal with challenges and take responsibility for their progress through goal setting, action planning and problem solving.

What Research and Evidence Underpins Worth-it Coach Training?

Positive Education

Coaching is evidenced to be the most effective way of providing support to develop resilience. Resilience is an important area of psychology research within the field of Positive Psychology. This training utilises research and applied practice from both positive psychology and evidence-based coaching. These approaches have been adapted and made accessible for young people ages 13+. This integrated approach has been demonstrated to increase self-awareness, self-regulation, interpersonal skills, wellbeing and positive outcomes for vulnerable young people and provide a proactive approach to prevention.

Our Coach Training integrates strategies that include solution focused coaching, the development of helpful thinking skills, how to raise emotional and self-awareness, the development of positive interpersonal and communication skills, strengths-based approaches and goal striving behaviour.

Our Managing Director has conducted and published research to understand how Coaching can effectively support the prevention of mental health problems in young people. This research underpins this Coach Training Course.

Our Trainee Coaches are Supported in 4 Ways

The 4 ways our Trainee Coaches are supported are; a two part in depth coach training course totally 56 hours, tools and resources to help you coach the young people you work with and support through your journey to becoming a Worth-it Trained Coach.

The Coach Training Course is split into two modules, Essentials and Plus. The essentials module teaches you all the theory and skills to coach young people in your school or setting. Once completed the Essentials Module is built upon with the Plus Module. The Plus module covers the ethical guidelines and further skills required to practice as an accredited coach either independently or inhouse with your school or setting. The Completing the Course and gaining 20 hours of Coaching practice (Essentials and Plus) will enable you to work towards accreditation as a  Coach with the Association for Coaching* at Foundation Level.

During the Coaching Essential training participants will

  • Explore the underpinning skills and knowledge needed to effectively coach young people develop wellbeing and resilience.

  • Learn about effective coaching relationships, boundaries and responsibilities for the coaching relationship, including the importance of safeguarding.

  • Develop solution focused strategies that empower young people, enabling them to take ownership and accountability for their actions and outcomes.

  • Practice and apply strengths based positive psychology approaches suitable for vulnerable young people.

  • Practice and experience the coaching approach in order to effectively use this approach when working with young people.

Practical Information. This will module involves:

  • 4 half day 4-hour practical workshops

  • 16 hours of online and blended learning and recommended reading.

  • 4 hours peer learning group sessions.

  • 10 hours of coaching practice and reflective logs.

* Total Time Commitment a further 46 hours.

During the Optional Coaching Plus Module participants will:

  • Explore effective ethical practice for providing coaching to young people.

  • Understand the role and remit of a coach and explore how coaching can be provided in school, community or youth work settings.

  • Promote the benefit of coaching and opportunities to offer coaching to a wider range of young people.

  • Gain Knowledge of the importance of ongoing coaching skills development and supervision.

  • Gain further practical coaching tools and strategies to use with young people.

Practical Information. This will module involves:

  • 2 half day 4-hour practical workshops.

  • 10 hours of online and blended learning and recommended reading.

  • 2 hours peer learning group sessions.

  • 10 hours of coaching practice and reflective logs.

* Total Time Commitment a further 30 hours.

You will gain access to our bank of coaching tools and resources for your own professional development and to use to complete your 20 hours of coaching practice with young people. These include:

Tools for young people

  • Solution focused coaching worksheets

  • Strengths tools and activities

  • Goal setting and action planning

  • Tools for developing self-awareness and confidence

  • Tools to challenging and change unhelpful thinking and behaviour

Professional Development tools

  • Self-reflective coaching logs

  • Session planning tools

  • Coaching question sets

  • Cheat sheets and tips to increase your confidence when coaching

  • Practical tasks and challenges to develop your skills

The Examples includes:

  • Gain and share your experience of coaching

  • Be provided with support and supervision

  • Gain feedback and advice to trouble shoot any problems you may encounter

  • Build support networks with other course participants

  • Be supported to complete the required 20 hours of coaching practice with young people

Enrol on your Worth-it
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If you’re ready to take your ability to support young people develop positive mental health and resilience to the next level then join us and enrol as a Trainee Coach today. Simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join our next course. We can’t wait to start working with you, supporting you on your journey to becoming a Worth-it Trained Coach.

Specialist Support

3-year access to everything at Practitioner Level, plus first cohort of Ambassadors is delivered by a member of our Consultant team.

  • + Everything in Workshop Delivery Kit

  • 1st cohort of your Ambassadors trained by one of our team of specialist consultations

  • 3-year access for 2 Facilitators

  • Termly online Q&A support calls

  • Library of previous Q&A calls

  • Library of practice examples

  • Opportunity to become a Spotlight School or setting

  • Discount to purchase hardcopy Ambassador workbooks



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Practitioner Programme

3-year access to the Wellbeing Ambassadors Downloadable Workshop Delivery Kit inc ongoing Support and Practice Examples.

  • + Everything in Workshop Delivery Kit

  • Termly online Q&A support calls

  • Library of previous Q&A calls

  • Library of practice examples

  • Opportunity to become a Spotlight School or setting

  • Discount to purchase hardcopy Ambassador workbooks



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Workshop Delivery Kit

1-year access to the Wellbeing Ambassadors Downloadable Workshop Delivery Kit.

  • 1 year Access for 1 Facilitator

  • 2.5 online Facilitator Course

  • Facilitator Manual

  • Workshop Games and Activities

  • Downloadable Ambassador Workbook

  • Getting Started Programme Resources



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Complete Worth-it Coach Training Course

Complete 56 hour coach training and 20 hours of supported coaching practice with young people.





In House Coach Training

Available for delivery in house to staff in schools or organisations that work with young people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course accredited?
Isn't Coaching just the same as Counselling or Mentoring?
What are the skills and qualifications of the trainers? It’s not a Micky Mouse course is it?
I’m looking at other coaching skills courses why should I do yours?
Can I use coaching with primary aged children?
What if I decide it is it’s not for me after I have enrolled?
How long will the course take to complete?
Do I have to coach young people to coach as part of this training?
I can’t make the dates for the live sessions can I still do this course?
I can’t make these dates. When is your next course?
Why should I join the Worth-it Coach Training Course?

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Who is this for?

  • Empower young people to develop positive mental health and wellbeing.

  • Make a real difference in supporting young people.

  • Learn and develop new skills and competencies.

  • Practice and take part in will the course has to offer.

  • Provide clear boundaries and expectations about the role and remit of the coaching relationship.


Do you...?

  • Are looking for a quick fix.

  • Not willing to uphold the ethical guidelines of coaching.

  • Will be very directive and leading.

  • Have their own agenda that they are wanting young people to action for them.

  • Are not willing to put into practice the skills and suggested learning and development opportunities.


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