Improve School Staff
Wellbeing and Manage Stress

Our online or on-site Staff Wellbeing Pathway Programme provides teachers and school staff opportunity to explore their own wellbeing, while gaining strategies that develop positive mental health and reduce stress.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Your teachers or school staff are struggling to cope with stress.

  • The demands of working in a high pressure educational environment is negatively impacting staff performance.

  • Pressure and stress are impacting on staff's ability to work effectively with others including pupils or students.

  • Your staff are finding it a challenge to manage or maintain work/life balance.

  • You have high levels of stress-related staff absence or sickness.

  • Poor staff wellbeing is having an impact on performance, teaching and learning.

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Introducing Staff Wellbeing Pathway

This positive staff wellbeing programme takes a proactive approach to addressing stress within teaching and school staff. Staff will develop a clear understanding of wellbeing and how to build it in themselves and as a team.

Staff take part in a group coaching programme that covers strategies to help prevent burnout, improve work-life balance and build positive peer support, empowering your school staff team to build resilience. This supports staff to be able to cope with the demands of teaching or working in the school environment, even during times of change and uncertainty.

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Group Coaching and Professional Development for your School Staff Team

Through learning from the field of positive psychology coaching and work psychology, the training allows participants to experience and practise wellbeing interventions that can be applied personally, within a staff team or across a school community. 

The Staff Wellbeing Pathway provides practical group coaching and wellbeing tools that staff can try out as a team. The Pathway supports your staff to build positive relationships that provide the foundation of wellbeing and help staff teams get through challenging times by coming together rather than pulling apart.

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The Staff Wellbeing Pathway will support your team to…

Increase Wellbeing

Through using techniques and strategies proven to build wellbeing, staff will discover and develop an understanding of personal wellbeing and how to build it. These can be taken forward as a team.

Manage Stress

Using the occupational, positive psychology and coaching strategies, enable your team to build awareness of stressors and how to reduce their impact and increase wellbeing.

Share and Discuss

Sharing as a team is the first step to building positive relationships that help manage stress and develop wellbeing. Our programme facilitates conversations that support staff to build wellbeing resources.

Develop Belonging and Trust

Building a foundation of positive relationships, connection and belonging essential for the development of staff, and whole school wellbeing is central to our approach and the support we provide in this programme.

Reduce Burnout

The development of wellbeing strategies and resources shared in this programme help contribute to the reduction of staff burnout and improve work life balance.

Take Responsibility

Encouraging staff to build wellbeing habits and increase personal responsibility for taking care of their own wellbeing is developed through this programme, and is encouraged beyond the duration of the programme.

Free Workshop

Introduction to Leading Whole School Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Why is joining the Staff Wellbeing Pathway Worth-it?

Worth-it have been working with schools for over a decade, supporting them to develop staff and whole school wellbeing.  We have trained over 4000 school staff in hundreds of schools nationally. We believe in putting staff wellbeing at the heart of any whole school approach to wellbeing and mental health for pupils.

We are passionate about increasing sustainable and embedded capacity for school staff to maintain wellbeing levels, enabling staff to support pupil wellbeing and achievement more effectively. Find out how The Staff Wellbeing Pathway meets our organisational values...


We believe in providing resources and programmes that create a real and sustainable change. As part of the Staff Wellbeing Pathway we coach your team through several practical positive psychology activities that enable you to support your staff to develop individual and team wellbeing strategies.


Our Staff Wellbeing Pathway has been developed by a team of positive psychologists, work psychologists and wellbeing coaches utilising up-to-date research and applied practice. The progamme will build your awareness of how to support school staff develop personal and collective wellbeing.


The Staff Wellbeing Pathway has evolved from six years of extensive partnership work with schools, teachers, school staff and leaders. We use a coaching approach during our programme to ensure staff collaborate and build positive relationships necessary for wellbeing.


Most importantly, the Staff Wellbeing Programme has been developed with and for school staff, teachers, TAs and school leaders, giving them confidence to develop personal wellbeing strategies to support themselves, each other and team wellbeing.

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Delivering Wellbeing Support to Schools and Settings Nationwide

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How the Staff Wellbeing Pathway Supports your School Staff

Group Coaching

The design of the programme utilises group coaching: this has been proven to be the most effective form of CPD for wellbeing and performance.

Peer Support Network

Sharing ideas and advice with others, as a team, builds the foundation of positive relationships necessary to develop staff wellbeing.

Personalised Strategies

Wellbeing isn’t a one size fits all approach. The wellbeing pathway supports staff to identify their own personalised strategies for wellbeing.

Stress Awareness

The Staff Wellbeing Pathway explicitly covers strategies for stress awareness and management, which build staff’s bank of wellbeing resources.

Whole School Approach

Staff Wellbeing is integral to a whole school approach. Good staff wellbeing increases schools’ capacity to support children and young people’s wellbeing and mental health more effectively.

Developing Trust

Developing trust as a team and the ability to have difficult conversations about wellbeing and stress is significant to any approach to supporting staff wellbeing.

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What Research and Evidence underpins Worth-it’s Staff Wellbeing Programme?

Our Whole School Approach

Our whole school system for positive mental health offers a step-by-step process, enabling you to audit, plan and take action in developing your whole school approach.  This has been developed from positive psychology, organisational psychology, and practical experience of working with schools for 12 years. Wellbeing is facilitated through interactions and connections – this is why our system framework places staff wellbeing at the centre of the whole school approach.

By supporting staff wellbeing you are increasing your school’s capacity to support pupil and student wellbeing.

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Positive Education

Positive education is the science of wellbeing applied in educational settings.

Worth-it are a leading provider of Positive Education in the UK. We base all our programmes on the SEARCH Pathways to Wellbeing (Waters and Loton 2019). SEARCH provides a proven and evidence-based framework that supports schools to plan, implement, develop and embed sustainable approaches to developing whole school wellbeing. 

Like our programmes for children and young people, the Staff Wellbeing Programme is also based on the SEARCH framework, contributing to a shared framework for developing staff and pupil wellbeing across the school setting.

Coaching Psychology

Coaching psychology is the evidence-based approach to using coaching to improve wellbeing, performance, and success. Coaching has been proven to be the most effective leadership and development tool within the education sector.  

Coaching has been demonstrated by many psychology researchers to be the most effective form of CPD for the development of staff wellbeing, stress management and performance.

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Staff Wellbeing Programme Testimonials

Willow Bank School Logo
“Thank you for the most wonderful training session. It was interesting and fun, and really made wellbeing come alive for us. It was great to see how Positive Psychology impacts every aspect of our roles in school, and how we can make it work for us. You have revitalised a tired and stressed out staff and it has been marvellous to see the changes she suggested creeping in to our daily practice already! Worth every penny from a very tight school budget!”

Mrs M Masters, Head Teacher, Willow Bank Infant School

Mill View School Logo
“I've learnt to look towards myself, and be kind to myself.”

Teaching Assistant, Mill View Primary School

Beechwood School Logo
“It was so useful thinking through the meaning of wellbeing, developing strategies and discussing all this in a supportive setting.”

Julia Cargill, Teacher, Beachwood Primary

Thorpedene School Logo
“It’s helpful having the ability to take time to reflect and focus on positives”

Teacher, Thorpedene Primary School

Thorpedene School Logo
“Enjoyed reflecting on my own wellbeing and resilience and implementing strategies to improve it.”

KS2 Phase Leader Thorpedene Primary School

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Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme Leads

Liz Robson-Kelly

Liz Robson-Kelly

CEO & Founder

Liz is the CEO, Founder and Creative Director at Worth-it and is a leading Positive Psychologist and Educator. She has been developing evidence-based, co-produced early prevention programmes for young people within schools, the NHS and local authorities for over 12 years.

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Kim Carr

Kim Carr

Area Lead Consultant, UK Midlands & North

Kim is a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner, combining her knowledge of applied positive psychology in schools with 10 years’ experience teaching psychology, extensive experience of secondary school leadership and a great passion for developing school mental health and wellbeing.

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Zoe Jepson

Zoe Jepson


Zoe is an experienced and trusted coach, mentor and facilitator. She is qualified at post-graduate level in coaching, team coaching and coaching supervision, and a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

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Complete Online Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme Delivery Toolkit and More!!

Not only does our Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme provide your school or setting with everything needed to deliver the programme, year after year, it also provides ongoing support and practical examples for the programme facilitators.

Wellbeing club resources

Group Coaching Programme and Staff Wellbeing Resources

Our Staff Wellbeing Pathway provides you with time and space to think about practical ways your staff can improve personal and team wellbeing, supporting them to be more resilient and manage stress more effectively.

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Your Staff are Trained and Supported to Develop Wellbeing in 3 Ways

Practical Wellbeing Workshop delivered by one of our trained and experienced wellbeing coaches.

The Wellbeing Workshop covers:

  • How to manage stress.

  • Ways to prevent burnout.

  • Strategies to develop resilience and personal wellbeing.

  • The importance of positive peer relationships for wellbeing.

  • Ways to develop improved work-life balance.

Practical Information

Group Coaching workshops can be delivered as either:

  • 2 x 90-minute twilight online workshops.

  • 1 x 3-hour online workshop.

  • 1 x 3-hour on site workshop*

Team size is up to 30, additional delegates may be added at check out.
* Additional costs incurred for travel

Staff wellbeing on a laptop

Our practical workshop provides tools and positive psychology resources to help manage stress and develop wellbeing.

  • The resources are downloaded by your team in advance of the session by accessing the Staff Wellbeing Pathway inside our academy.

  • Staff can also download CPD certificate once the coaching workshops are completed.

Wellbeing Resources and Tools include:

  • How to change unhelpful thinking associated with stress.

  • How to work together more effectively as a team to facilitate the development of wellbeing.

  • How to develop awareness of individual and team strengths.

  • How to emotions help you maintain levels of wellbeing.

  • Personal wellbeing action plans.

Wellbeing club on a laptop and with resources

This programme also provides you with a 90 minute follow up coaching session. This session can be used flexibly to:

  • Support your senior Mental Health Lead Develop staff wellbeing.

  • Continue to build on the group coaching workshops to support staff wellbeing.

  • Support your team of staff wellbeing champions who will tack staff wellbeing forwards in you school.

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What Will I Learn?

Staff Wellbeing Pathway Programme

Staff Wellbeing Workshop Part 1

This workshop session introduces you to ways to effectively manage teacher and staff stress and develop personal strategies for wellbeing.

Topics Covered

  • What wellbeing and how you can develop it at school?

  • Introduction to Positive Education.

  • The importance of staff wellbeing to support pupil wellbeing and mental health.

  • Understanding burnout and how it affects teachers.

  • Strategies for understanding and developing work-life balance.

  • Introduction to the Job Demands and Resources model (JD-R) for stress management.

  • Strategies for developing a positive outlook and reducing negativity bias.

  • Strategies for dealing with the emotional demands of work.

  • The importance of cultivating positive emotions for wellbeing.

Staff Wellbeing Workshop Part 2

This workshop session explores some effective strategies that combine both coaching techniques and positive psychology interventions that help develop positive relationships amongst staff that are essential for the development of wellbeing.


  • Awareness of the impacts of stress on work performance.

  • How to be aware of personal perceptions of stressors and how to challenge and reframe unhelpful cognitive stress responses.

  • How to develop supportive relationships with colleagues essential for supporting with the demands of work and the development of wellbeing.

  • How to recognise and develop personal strengths, celebrating accomplishments and achievements.

  • How to establish a team of staff wellbeing champions who can continue to support staff wellbeing after the programme has finished.

Free Support

Worth-it's Early Prevention Network

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If you’re ready to support your staff team to develop wellbeing then enrol today!

Multiple Schools?

Are you a Health or Local Authority Commissioner, Organisation or Multi-Academy Trust looking to offer this service to 5 or more schools? 

Group Coaching Programme

Access to Staff Wellbeing Resources and Coaching for a Team of 30

  • 3 hours of group coaching Support*

  • Team wellbeing strategies

  • Personal wellbeing resources

  • Team building

  • Attendance certificates

  • Follow up support

  • Add further delegates at check out



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*One 3 hour workshop or two x 90 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Staff Wellbeing Programme provide tools and strategies for us to use with our pupils?
Do participants get a CPD certificate.
Does the training provide any resources?
What is your availability?
How do we book?
We are a third sector organisation that works with young people, is this training suitable for us?
We are a MAT or group of schools, is it possible to run this training for us?
Can we do this workshop as a twilight CPD session?
Would this training be suitable for our INSET day?
How many people is the Staff Wellbeing Pathway for?
Is this programme a training course?
How long is the Staff Wellbeing Pathway programme?
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We're Here To Help

Supporting your team to maintain levels of wellbeing during challenging times and constant change can be difficult. Poor staff wellbeing can result in performance issues, staff absence and negatively impact on children’s learning, achievement, and wellbeing. Staff need to feel able to take responsibility for their own wellbeing while also feeling supported by their school or school leaders.

The Staff Wellbeing Pathway programme provides an opportunity to support your team to develop evidence-based wellbeing strategies that they can apply individually or as a team.

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Who is this for?

Schools or settings that want to:

  • Support staff wellbeing and make an commitment as a school to be able to do this.

  • Make wellbeing part of the way they support staff and teachers.

  • Embed wellbeing into their whole school ethos.

  • Enable staff to improve their own levels of wellbeing to increase capacity to support pupils with theirs.

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Who is this not for?

Schools or settings that:

  • Are looking for a quick fix.

  • Do not have a supportive leadership team who are willing to make staff wellbeing part of their school ethos.

  • Expect one person to develop whole school wellbeing on their own, without providing any time or support for them to be able to it.

  • Blame individuals for not being resilient enough to cope.

  • See staff wellbeing as a tick box or an add-on they need to be seen to be doing.

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Enrol Your Team Today!

If you feel ready to support your staff team to develop wellbeing, enrol today.

Multiple Schools?

Are you a Health or Local Authority Commissioner, Organisation or Multi-Academy Trust looking to offer this service to 5 or more schools? 

Group Coaching Programme

Access to Staff Wellbeing Resources and Coaching for a Team of 30

  • 3 hours of group coaching Support*

  • Team wellbeing strategies

  • Personal wellbeing resources

  • Team building

  • Attendance certificates

  • Follow up support

  • Add further delegates at check out



enrol your team

*One 3 hour workshop or 2 x 90 minutes

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