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Introduction to the Role of Senior Mental Health Lead

Bringing role clarity to new in post or beginner Senior Mental Health Leads.

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Introduction course for beginner Senior Mental Health Leads

Not sure where to start in your new role as a Senior Mental Health Lead? This course provides an overview of the key duties and responsibilities that you will have and the impact your role can have in a school or college.

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What Will You Learn?

Role Purpose - Mental Health Leads

In this module you'll be introduced to background, theory and principles that inform the purpose of the Senior Mental Health Lead role as recommended by the UK government.

Role Expectations - Mental Health Leads

In this module, you'll explore the expectations and key areas of whole school mental health and wellbeing you will lead and develop in your school or college.

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What resources will you gain access to?

SMHL Example Job Description

Downloadable job description to bring clarity to your role and responsibilities

Needs Identification Activity

A practical activity to pinpoint key areas for the development of your whole school approach and how you will lead these priorities.

Mental Health Network Links

Curated links helping you to quickly build your mental health referral network and local support pathways.

Goverment Guidline Documents

Downloadable government recommendations and guideline documents.

Get full access to the

Introduction to the Role of Senior Mental Health Lead


when you join Wellbeing Club today!

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Wellbeing Club Members get access to:

Wellbeing Club on a laptop with resources

Online Library of Training, Resources and Support you can access any time!

Not only does Wellbeing Club provide you with everything needed to review, plan and develop mental health and wellbeing in your school. You'll also access ongoing support, practical examples and a supportive peer community of Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads.

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Wellbeing Club Members are trained and
supported in 4 ways.

Immediate access to our in-depth courses and regular expert CPD opportunities.

Regular Training and CPD include:

  • Access the library of online workshops as soon as you join.

  • Accessible CPD that helps you plan, develop, and embed whole school wellbeing

  • Helpful practical tools and activities you can download use in your school, such as our school review, wellbeing curriculum mapping workshop and supporting staff wellbeing.

  • Learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.

Live Monthly Workshops 

  • Priority booking for members on our popular and practical guest expert discovery workshops.

  • Learn from guest experts, psychologists, and education consultants on how to develop wellbeing, mental health, and resilience in your school.

Wellbeing Club on a laptop

Wellbeing Club Membership provides you access to downloadable materials and resources to support effective development of whole school wellbeing for pupils and students.

Wellbeing Resources and Activities include:

  • Wellbeing Club members can access, teaching resources and toolkits that have been developed for primary, secondary and post-16 children and young people.

  • These downloadable wellbeing curriculum materials are based our 12 years’ experience of delivering wellbeing and resilience workshops with over 5000 children and young people nationally.

  • We provide practical wellbeing activities and teaching materials based on positive psychology and coaching techniques.

  • Our wellbeing activities utilise a train-the-trainer approach, empowering you to develop sustainable wellbeing for your pupils and students. Giving everything promote wellbeing activities as a cross-curricular approach.

Wellbeing Club on a laptop

Our community is the heart of Wellbeing Club and the place to go for all your questions, to ask for feedback, gain support and get to know other like-minded School Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads.

Community Support includes:

  • 12 months’ worth of support, coaching, encouragement, troubleshooting and motivation to ensure you continue to develop sustainable wellbeing in your school.

  • Network with other Mental Health Leads through our member directory.

  • Share ideas and support in our online community.

  • Join our group coaching calls every half term to help you set goals, share ideas and review your progress towards developing whole school wellbeing.

  • Gain feedback and support from your own qualified Worth-it Coach by using your termly coaching progress log.

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Gain access and contribute to an inspiring library of effective practice from other schools and settings.

  • Case studies and examples provide a valuable opportunity to learn from other schools or settings embedding wellbeing.

  • Use the ideas from practice examples to inspire you as you develop mental health and wellbeing in your school.

  • Gain immediate access to examples and advice from other Senior Mental Health Leads.

  • Keep us updated as wellbeing evolves in your school or setting and becomes an integral part of your school/setting’s culture and ethos.

  • You can share the wellbeing impact you are making  to the School Spotlight Sessions, making a valuable contribution to the library of examples.

  • Participating in practice examples can be used as evidence for any school mental health and wellbeing award you may be completing. It also demonstrates leadership beyond your own setting, part of becoming an advanced practitioner.

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Take a Sneak Peek Inside our Club!

This is a behind the scenes of Wellbeing Club to see how it works.

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Delivering Wellbeing Support to Schools and Settings Nationwide

 Rainey Endowed Grammar School, Northern Ireland
Alderman Richard Hallam Primary, Leicester
Caldecote Primary School
Dame Alice Owen's School
De Lisle College
Hazlehurst Community Primary
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Wellbeing Club Helps
Mental Health Leads to…

Support Pupils and Students

Through using techniques and resources that develop an evidence-based, whole school approach to wellbeing, all children and young people learn strategies that support their wellbeing and resilience.

Improve Mental Health

Using the positive psychology strategies, approaches and resources provided helps increase school capacity to reduce mental health problems and support at-risk cohorts of children and young people.

Encourage Consistency

Sharing staff development resources helps create a simple but consistent approach that brings everyone together with a shared understanding of how they can develop whole school wellbeing.

Develop Belonging and Trust

Building a foundation of positive relationships, connection and belonging is essential for the development of staff, pupils, and whole school wellbeing. This is central to our approach and the support we offer inside Wellbeing Club.

Reduce Barriers and Stigma

Developing student and pupil voice-led approaches to reducing mental health stigma in your school enables many more children and young people to access mental health support earlier.

Reduce Staff Stress

A whole school approach to wellbeing benefits teachers and staff as well as pupils. Supporting staff to learn strategies for wellbeing, stress management and reduction, helps them support pupil mental health and wellbeing.

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Wellbeing Club Testimonials

Ibstock College Logo

“Since working with Worth-it, staff are more aware of the impact of emotional wellbeing and we are more mindful when dealing with students, this has resulted in pupil improvements in behaviour and positive staff and student relationships.”

Sue Webster, Pastoral Manager, Ibstock Community College

Oakthorpe School Logo

“Embedding a focus on wellbeing is a necessity to all schools and should not be seen as a risk to standards. At Oakthorpe Primary School we have seen children flourish academically by allowing them to flourish emotionally. Our work with Worth-it Projects has helped staff to reflect on how they embed positive psychology across the whole school curriculum and how we can engage parents in understanding the benefits on supporting children’s resilience and wellbeing.”

Keith Ellis, Head Teacher, Oakthorpe Primary

Eyres Monsell School Logo

“We value wellbeing - mental, physical and emotional health and see it as a priority to be invested in and developed. We are now expanding our resilience work to further support staff, as education is a demanding and stressful job and staff need resilience as much as pupils. As leaders, we are more confident to see wellbeing and resilience as something that it important and should be prioritised.”

Kerry Hill, Head Teacher, Eyres Monsell Primary

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Join our Wellbeing Club today!

We have a membership tier for each stage of your journey developing school mental health and wellbeing.

Starting Tier

1-year access to:


  • Introduction to the role of SMHL (1.5hrs)

  • SMHL Wellbeing Pathway Course (9hrs)

CPD Library

  • Library of online guest expert workshops

  • Regular guest expert workshops


  • School mental health review

  • Wellbeing curriculum audit

  • Practical wellbeing CPD activities

  • Policy templates and examples


  • Half termly hotline drop-in in calls

  • Peer network of SMHL's

  • Online coaching


  • Examples of effective practice from other schools

Price per person



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Developing Tier

1-year access to EVERYTHING at the Starting tier PLUS


  • Wellbeing Toolkit (5hrs)

  • Staff Development Toolkit (3hrs)

  • Understanding Monitoring and Evaluation (2 hrs)

  • Understanding and Support Staff Stress (2 hrs)


  • Over 20 downloadable wellbeing curriculum resources for pupils

  • 6 train-the trainer staff development resources to support pupil mental health


  • Peronalised welcome coaching call

Price per person



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Embedding Tier

1-year access to EVERYTHING ath Starting and Developing tiers PLUS


  • Staff Wellbeing Toolkit (3hrs)

  • Parent Toolkit (3hrs)

  • Introduction to coaching young people (2hrs)


  • Staff wellbeing activities, planners and checklists

  • Activities to support parent and carers support their child’s wellbeing

  • Introductory coaching resources


  • 2 x 30 minute personalised leadership coaching calls

Price per person




Apply for £1200 DfE funding to join
Wellbeing Club.

Worth-it is a DfE assured SMHL course provider. This allows Schools to apply for and obtain full DfE grant funding of £1200 for our Wellbeing Club Programme.

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Training and Supporting
Senior Mental Health Leads

We're Here to Help

Developing whole school wellbeing can feel confusing and overwhelming especially if you are new to the role of Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead.

You may have many plans or ideas but don’t know where to start or what to do first that will make the biggest difference to pupils and staff wellbeing. Your enthusiasm to make a difference as a Mental Health Lead could be being met with resistance, leaving you feeling unmotivated or frustrated.

Wellbeing Club will support you through coaching, networking, training and resources to feel empowered and able to develop sustainable wellbeing for pupils, staff and your whole school community.

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Who is this for?

Schools that want to:

  • Create a sustainable approach to wellbeing.

  • Make wellbeing part of the way you do things in your school.

  • Embed wellbeing as a whole school ethos.

  • Develop taught and caught cross curricular approaches to wellbeing for all pupils or students.

  • Improve mental health and wellbeing support and prevent children and young people developing mental health problems.

  • Enable staff to improve their own levels of wellbeing to increase capacity to support pupils with theirs.

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Who is this not for?

Schools that:

  • Are looking for a quick fix.

  • Are working in silos and not willing to look at a school wide ethos or approach.

  • Do not have a supportive leadership team who are willing to make wellbeing part of your school ethos.

  • Expect one person to develop whole school wellbeing on their own, without providing any time or support for them to be able to it.

  • Are not willing to make changes that impact on wellbeing for all.

  • See wellbeing as a tick box or an add-on they need to be seen to be doing.

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Still unsure about if Wellbeing Club is right for your School or Setting?

Head over to our Full Programme Page to see what else Wellbeing Club offers.