Work-related stressors are impacting on the teaching and school workforce more than ever!

The NASUWT (1) Wellbeing at Work Survey 2021 ran from mid-December 2021 to early January 2022,  11,857 teachers responded. The survey focused on teachers’ experiences of wellbeing issues.

A key revelation worth noting is that even with the impact on work-life balance that the pandemic has had, workload is still the main factor that has been responsible for creating work-related stress for teachers:

  • 90% of teachers have experienced more work-related stress in the last 12 months;
  • 91% report that their job has adversely affected their mental health in the last 12 months;
  • 64% report that their job has adversely affected their physical health in the last 12 months;
  • 52% say that workload has been the main factor for increased work-related stress, followed by the consequences of the pandemic (34%), and worries about pupil behaviour (24%), pupil wellbeing (24%), pupil academic performance (22%) and finances (11%);

This leaves schools and colleges looking for effective solutions that will make a real difference not only in reducing teacher stress but also in improving staff wellbeing levels.

But how do you know what to change to reduce stress and improve wellbeing?

How do you know what is going to make a big difference to the staff and teachers in your school?

This is where programmes like the Staff Wellbeing Toolkit can provide practical cost-effective, evidence-based solutions to help schools know how to stop stress from developing to such an unstainable scale.

We are specialists in developing early prevention solutions for schools and settings that improve wellbeing not only for staff but pupils too.

Introducing the School Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

Our Staff Wellbeing Toolkit programme is designed specifically for school mental health leads or school leaders to know how to use evidence-based techniques to enhance overall wellbeing and prevent work-related stress issues.

Aligned with the latest Department for Education guidance and the learning outcomes for senior mental health leads, the programme provides a whole toolkit of practical and simple staff wellbeing resources that can be used sustainably in your school to support staff and teacher wellbeing.

Find out more by watching this video.

What does this mean for your school?

We know you are super busy and have little time to work through a practical programme and put that learning into practice.

  • As a school, creating a staff wellbeing programme or training can be a daunting task. With our ready-made train-the-trainer toolkit, you can save time and energy by avoiding the stress of researching and planning your own programme.
  • Our programme is designed to be easily picked up by your staff with modular and flexible training. They will gain the confidence to deliver our positive psychology-based resources and workplace wellbeing interventions with their colleagues, SLT or staff team.
  • With our ongoing support provided online through the programme your staff will be empowered to develop and lead their own staff wellbeing support interventions with your teachers, non-teaching staff and school leaders.

A proactive not reactive approach to teacher wellbeing

You know that something needs to be done to stop teacher and staff stress issues from spiralling out of control and impacting pupils and school outcomes. But do you have the time to be as proactive or preventative as you would like when it comes to improving staff wellbeing and reducing stress?

What is we gave you everything you need to quickly implement an evidence-based staff wellbeing programme or Inset training that builds proactive strategies for mental health.

When you join the Staff Wellbeing Toolkit you get access to our online support that will ensure you have everything you need to plan, deliver and build an effective approach to staff wellbeing.

One staff member gets access to

  • On-demand downloadable staff wellbeing tools, practical activities and resources to download and use in your school
  • On-demand training modules that are flexible and fit around the times you are able to access training to learn how to deliver the programme with children and young people you work with (5 hours of training)
  • Motivation and support to help you ensure the programme is a success in your setting through our half termly hotline drop-in calls and facebook community
  • Online coaching progress log to help you set and achieve staff wellbeing goals and access feedback and encouragement
  • A growing library of psychologist-led expert workshops, with additional tools resources and strategies and any new live staff wellbeing workshops we run during your 12 months access.

Check out this sneak peek behind the scenes to find out more.

How does the Staff Wellbeing Toolkit work?

Hosted in our online learning platform the Wellbeing Academy, the Staff Wellbeing Toolkit programme for school leaders, Senior Mental Health Leads of HR managers is a digital train-the-trainer toolkit.

Our online learning programme uses various techniques and approaches from positive psychology, organizational psychology, and coaching. These methods have been proven to enhance wellbeing, and we offer guidance as you apply them yourself to help the staff in your school or college.

What happens when you join the Staff Wellbeing Toolkit?

When you join one member of your team gains 12 months of access to our complete programme wellbeing resource toolkit. You have access for one year from the time your log-in details are sent to you via email.

The log-in details are sent on receipt of payment. You will not be able to access the programme until we have received payment either by card or invoice payment.  

You will be sent your login details via email from our Wellbeing Academy email address. You may want to check junk or spam just to make sure your login hasn't ended up in the wrong inbox.

Access will depend on what membership tier you have ordered - starting with staff wellbeing, developing people and staff wellbeing or embedding whole school wellbeing. If anything is locked that means it is not part of your programme access. If anything is 'coming soon', this is something new you will be able to access in future.

We will send you regular updates via email to let you know about new workshops and content that is added to your membership. Please look out for our emails so you don't miss anything.

After 12 months you will no longer be able to access the programme unless you renew for another year.

What happens when to start using the Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

You may wonder what happens when you first join the Staff Wellbeing Tookit, we have put together this time line to help you think about what it could look like for your school.

Within 30 Days of starting to use the Staff Wellbeing Toolkit…

You will have accessed the online training and resources be able to identify what the key issues are related to staff stress and wellbeing and gain an understanding of what you can do to tackle these issues in practical ways

In 90 Days…

You’ll have started to review and audit some of the main areas that are causing staff wellbeing issues, sharing ideas on how to tackle these with colleagues and SLT.

You will even be starting to plan how you are going to apply some quick wins and staff wellbeing strategies into team meetings or upcoming staff development and training.

180 Days from now…

You’ll be supporting your team to know and share effective wellbeing and stress reduction strategies that help build positive relationships and reduce stress.

You'll understand and have a plan to embed staff wellbeing into your school culture from a much more strategic point of view.

You will even be starting to see the impact of these strategic approaches to stress management and wellbeing on teachers and school staff.

A cost-effective over time

Providing training or working with a consultant can be at least £1000 a day. To really overcome systemic and ingrained staff wellbeing issues it will take time, and more than a one-off training day. So you may need a budget of £5-£6,000 to really address this problem, something that is just not feasible for most schools.

Starting from £795+VAT you can have access to your own staff wellbeing consultancy toolkit for a whole year!

But even better, the changes you make using the toolkit will make a lasting difference and significantly reduce costs to areas such as supply, recruitment, retention and sickness cover.

For example, one school we worked with to develop staff wellbeing saved £21,000 in one year on supply cover costs!

AND if you join before the 14th July 2023 you can save up to £200 with our Staff Wellbeing Toolkit Launch Offer!

The staff Wellbeing Toolkit provides a much more long-term and strategic approach to tackling staff stress and improving wellbeing that will really make a difference to your school.

Develop your own school staff wellbeing programme

The Staff Wellbeing Toolkit programme is designed to teach you how to independently conduct staff wellbeing training and interventions, thus reducing costs and enabling a more sustainable approach. This will help schools improve their capacity for staff wellbeing.

Once you access the toolkit you will feel more confident and have ownership over the things you really need to do to change things in your school.

The Staff Wellbeing Toolkit is your on-demand wellbeing consultant and resource toolkit you can access for 12 months while you develop your school's approach to staff and teacher wellbeing over time.

Find out more and join now!

If you are interested in finding out more about this programme access our Strategies for Supporting Teacher Wellbeing Webinar.

Do you want to move forward with and evidence-based intervention that will reduce demands associated with staff stress and poor wellbeing? Join the Staff Wellbeing Toolkit here.


  1. NASUWT Teacher Wellbeing Survey access here

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