As leading specialists in positive education, Worth-it have created the Wellbeing Club to support teachers, senior leaders, mental health leads, pastoral leaders and other members of staff within schools, colleges or universities who want to find out more about how they can support the wellbeing of their students and pupils.

What is the Wellbeing Club and how can the Wellbeing Club benefit you?

Sometimes we can feel isolated in our roles, particularly in a new role within a school or college and, if we are the only person within our educational setting with that specific role, it can be hard to know where to access support.

The Wellbeing Club is membership group where like-minded people from different educational settings can meet, exchange ideas and challenges and gain reassurance, ideas, examples, and tips from qualified and experienced coaches on how to lead wellbeing initiatives and promote good mental health within schools and settings.  

We support our members, and our members support each other.

Protecting the mental health of our young people

Poor mental health and stress can be a real barrier to learning. A recent survey identified that the impact of COVID-19 has increased the prevalence of mental health problems. 1 in 6 children and young people are struggling with poor mental health and wellbeing.

Increased levels of student and pupil wellbeing improves behaviour, increases engagement within lessons and improves attendance levels as well as protecting young people from developing mental health problems now and in later life.

The DfE have strongly suggested that all schools have a designated Mental Health Lead and will be providing grant funding to train them from September. Being part of Worth-it’s Wellbeing Club satisfies some of these training requirements and supports whole school wellbeing. Worth-it have been approved as a provider of DfE grant funded training for Senior Mental Health Leads.

What is wellbeing?

When we talk about wellbeing from a positive psychology perspective, we mean not only the absence of mental ill health but the ability to experience joy and contentment most of the time. At Worth-it we believe in a holistic approach to positive education – that schools and colleges are responsible for developing the wellbeing of their pupils and students, not just their academic abilities.

Hear from some of our existing Wellbeing Club members

“Doing this work on my own at school can feel overwhelming so sharing ideas with people is great.”
 “It [the Wellbeing Club] is most insightful and I really enjoy the delivery and positive caring attitude of the wellbeing club facilitators”
“I was attracted to the wellbeing club to have expertise in the field and likeminded teachers to network with and build wellbeing into our school in a structured methodical approach.”

What other benefits do members of the Wellbeing Club get?

Group coaching

Members are invited to group coaching sessions every half term with one of our wellbeing consultants. These are held in small groups, of no more than 15, so you will have the chance to chat with teachers from other schools who may have a similar role to you. Our members find this time invaluable.

Our experts are there to lead on a particular subject each session, for example goal setting, progress review and celebrating success, but the sessions are for you – we listen to our members and adapt to ensure people are getting the most from their Wellbeing Club membership.

Private membership area

You’ll get a private membership area (virtual) where you can access exclusive content to use with your pupils. For example, a recently updated addition to our members’ area is our resilience toolkit – it’s like a mini scheme of work and contains resources for you or another staff member facilitating the session, as well as highly visual and easily accessible resources for your students.

Within your membership area you’ll get a log, personal to you which you can use to put in your goals aspirations, challenges as you work to support student wellbeing. Only you and Worth-it specialists can see this log and our trained coaches will respond to any queries and add helpful comments in this area.

Priority places on workshops

As a Wellbeing Club member, you’ll get first dibs on entry to our monthly workshops – places on these are limited and we always give priority to members of the Wellbeing Club who wish to attend.

Recordings of the workshop are only open for a limited time, but as a member you’ll get unlimited access so even if you can’t attend on the day, you can look back at any time to find out information and updates from coaches, wellbeing experts and education specialists who’ve delivered the workshops.

Evidence for mental health and wellbeing awards

If your school is applying for a mental health and wellbeing award, you could become one of our spotlight schools and use this as evidence in your application. Becoming a spotlight school is a rewarding experience in itself!

Member discounts

Wellbeing Club members get discounts on all the other Worth-it courses, including wellbeing pathway for senior mental health leads, wellbeing toolkit (CPD for whole staff team) and our staff wellbeing group coaching programme.

Coaches not critics

Worth-it are here to coach you not criticise.

We are not prescriptive, we provide tools, coaching, support and resources to empower you to lead on improving wellbeing and supporting good mental health in your school.

Discover more about the benefits of a coaching approach

Watch this video where Keith Ellis, the Headteacher of Oakthorpe Primary, one of our member schools, discusses the impact of working with Worth-it.

Access our FREE discovery workshop to build your awareness of how to lead whole school mental health and wellbeing.

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