Promoting mental health and wellbeing in schools is vital for the healthy development of children and young people. A recent study by the Children's Commissioner found that half of all mental health problems develop by the age of 14. This highlights how important it is for schools to provide support for children and young people to develop wellbeing as part of their work supporting mental health.

In addition to this promoting strategies for wellbeing can protect against the onset of mental health problems. And the wellbeing of children and young people is essential for their healthy development and future success. Investing in school-based wellbeing training programmes can also have a positive impact on educational attainment, attendance and overall life satisfaction and a positive impact on staff and teacher wellbeing.

Protecting the mental health of our young people

Poor mental health and stress can be a real barrier to learning. A recent survey identified that the impact of COVID-19 has increased the prevalence of mental health problems. 1 in 6 children and young people are struggling with poor mental health and wellbeing.

Increased levels of student and pupil wellbeing improves behaviour, increases engagement within lessons and improves attendance levels as well as protecting young people from developing mental health problems now and in later life.

Training in how to develop and apply strategies for wellbeing helps helps prevent the onset of mental health problems in children and young people. The aim of wellbeing training  is to promote a positive and supportive environment in schools, where pupils feel valued and respected. The wellbeing training also includes guidance and resourses fdr setting up early intervention programmes for vulnerable pupils. These school based targeted support interventions that can be a valuable resource for pupils who are struggling with their mental health that can't access NHS or community mental health support.

The DfE have strongly suggested that all schools have a designated Mental Health Lead and are providing £1200 grant funding to train them. Being part of Worth-it’s Wellbeing Club satisfies these training requirements and supports whole school wellbeing. Worth-it have been assured as a provider of DfE grant funded training for Senior Mental Health Leads.

What is wellbeing training?

When we talk about wellbeing from a positive psychology perspective, we mean not only the absence of mental ill health but the ability to experience joy and contentment most of the time. At Worth-it we believe in a holistic approach to positive education – that schools and colleges are responsible for developing the wellbeing of their pupils and students, not just their academic abilities. This is the foundation behind all our online wellbeing training programmes for schools.

Wellbeing training is ongoing learning and development in how to learn and apply strategies for wellbeing and flourish in life.

Wellbeing is known as a multidimensional construct, this means there are several elements that enable someone to develop wellbeing and flourish at school or in life. Wellbeing is also developed through dynamic feedback loops, one strategy for developing wellbeing can have a positive impact on another.

The video below explains the dynamic process of developing wellbeing. Watch this video to learn more about the dynamic nature of wellbeing and how we use it in our wellbeing training.

Training people to use strategies for wellbeing falls into these different areas. They are

  1. Strategies for feeling good
  2. Strategies for functioning well
  3. Teachable and learnable 'personal resources' that develop the ability to feel good and function well
  4. How to create the external conditions in a school environment that enable wellbeing to flourish

What is Wellbeing Training for Schools

Our wellbeing training helps schools and senior mental health leads learn how to share and teach personal resources for wellbeing with pupils and students and develop a whole school approach to wellbeing and positive mental health. When wellbeing training supports the development of wellbeing in individuals and the context they are in, in this case the school environment, the development of wellbeing it is more effective and sustainable for everyone. Resulting in the creation of embedded mental health protective factors.

We deliver our wellbeing training through practical online learning that teaches participants in how to use practical wellbeing activities with pupils and students and support staff and teachers to embed strategies for wellbeing into their teaching and pastoral practice and whole school ethos.

We deliver our wellbeing training through our Wellbeing Academy, our bespoke online learning platform. Wellbeing Club is our DfE assured wellbeing training for senior mental health leads, also known as designated mental health leads

As leading specialists in positive education, Worth-it have created the Wellbeing Club to support teachers, senior leaders, mental health leads, pastoral leaders and other members of staff within schools or colleges who want learn practical ways they can support the wellbeing of their students and pupils.

What is Worth-it's Wellbeing Club and how can it benefit you?

Sometimes we can feel isolated in our roles especially developing mental health and wellbeing, particularly in a new role within a school or college and, if we are the only person within our educational setting with that specific role, it can be hard to know where to access wellbeing resources, help and advice.

Joining Wellbeing Club provides practical wellbeing resources, bitesize online learning and train the trainer materials for senior mental health leads, teachers, designated mental health leads and school leaders.

Wellbeing Club is an online training membership for educators where like-minded people from different educational settings can, exchange ideas and challenges and gain reassurance, ideas, examples, and tips from qualified and experienced consultants on how to lead wellbeing initiatives and promote good mental health within schools and settings.  

Wellbeing Club has a small and exclusive membership of school leaders, educators, practitioners and mental health leads, meaning we can support schools to make the most out of the resources and CPD with online coaching and drop-in consultancy sessions.

We support our members, and our members support their whole school community to develop positive mental health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Club Membership Levels

Based on member progress and feedback, Wellbeing Club now offers three different learning pathways through the wellbeing training, these depend on which stage a member is at in their journey to whole school wellbeing.

These are ...

Starting - beginner new in post-designated or senior mental health lead getting their whole school approach suited, reviewed and started.

Developing- a head teacher, school leader of designated mental health lead that has made progress to develop school mental health and is looking for training and resources to implement their action plan and develop school mental health and wellbeing

Embedding - a senior mental health lead who has made significant progress in developing school mental health and is now looking for training and resources to embed consistent school-wide strategies including how to develop and provide mental health and wellbeing early intervention and prevention programmes and an embedded curriculum for wellbeing

Read our full Wellbeing Club programme page to find out about the online wellbeing training and resources available at each level

Hear from some of our existing Wellbeing Club members

“Doing this work on my own at school can feel overwhelming so sharing ideas with people is great.”
 “It [the Wellbeing Club] is most insightful and I really enjoy the delivery and positive caring attitude of the wellbeing club facilitators”
“I was attracted to the wellbeing club to have expertise in the field and like minded teachers to network with and build wellbeing into our school in a structured methodical approach.”
Have been able to utilise strategies and advice given to formulate actions in my own primary school setting.

What other benefits do members of the Wellbeing Club get?

Accessible online learning in our growing wellbeing course library

Wellbeing club members can access our library of on-demand e-learning all mapped to the DfE guidance and learning outcome for Senior Mental Health Leads. You can also enrol on courses such as our SMHL Wellbeing Pathway course which you can work through with cohort's of peer mental health leads, gaining and sharing valuable insights and support. You also gain access to our wellbeing resource toolkit and access 20 downloadable resources for developing pupil and student wellbeing.

Wellbeing Club has been useful to see the whole school model and work through it.  Workshops, slide shows and resources have also been really useful in training and upskilling my staff team.  How it is split into sections has made it manageable for all, with time built in for reflection and response to learning and new initiatives.

Drop-in consultancy sessions and group workshops

Ongoing consultancy members can access ongoing help and feedback through the drop in monthly consultancy sessions, these allow members to review progress and gain ideas and reassurance which saves time and energy when developing school mental health.

Members are invited to group coaching workshops with one of our wellbeing consultants or guest experts. These are held in small groups, of no more than 6, so you will have the chance to chat with teachers from other schools who may have a similar role to you. Our members find this time invaluable to give them ideas, focus, prioritise planning and prevent overwhelm.

Our experts are there to lead on a particular subject each session, relevant to all areas of developing school mental health and wellbeing but the sessions are for you – we listen to our members and adapt to ensure people are getting the most from their Wellbeing Club membership.

I have liked the blended learning  - that I can access online when it suits me to help me manage my time but also the online live sessions where it is possible to speak to other people and access live training with the ability to ask questions and clarify information.  Having the option to access drop-ins has also been appreciated as again these can be used when appropriate for me.

Private membership area

You’ll get a private membership area (virtual) where you can access exclusive content to use with your pupils and collegues. For example, a recently updated addition to our members’ area is our staff development toolkit – it’s a train the trainer programme for staff CPD that contains resources for you to run your own staff training in how to support pupil mental health and wellbeing ealier and prevent mental health problems getting worse.

Within your membership area you’ll get a log, personal to you which you can use to put in your goals aspirations, challenges as you work to support student wellbeing. Only you and Worth-it specialists can see this log and our trained coaches will respond to any queries and add helpful comments in this area. We take time to help you settle in and make the most out of your membership.

Priority places on expert led workshops

As a Wellbeing Club member, you’ll get first dibs on entry to our discovery workshops our guest expert workshops on different areas of supporting school mental health and wellbeing.

As a member you’ll get unlimited access to recordings of the so even if you can’t attend on the day, you can look back at any time to find out information and updates from coaches, wellbeing experts and education specialists who’ve delivered the workshops.

Evidence for mental health and wellbeing awards

If your school is applying for a mental health and wellbeing award, you could become one of our spotlight schools and use this as evidence in your application. Becoming a spotlight school is a rewarding experience in itself!

Worth-it are here to coach you not criticise.

We are not prescriptive, we provide tools, coaching, support and resources to empower you to lead on improving wellbeing and supporting good mental health in your school.

Discover more about the benefits of a coaching approach

Watch this video where Keith Ellis, the Headteacher of Oakthorpe Primary, one of our member schools, discusses the impact of working with Worth-it.

Find out how you can access funding from the DfE to cover your costs to join wellbeing club for a year, by accessing our FREE Funding Information Session.

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