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teacher with a trusting relationship working with pupil in the classroom


November 7, 2022

Tips for becoming a trauma-informed school

This article explores how being trauma informed supports a whole school approach to wellbeing

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Child in school being kind and sharing with a teacher and other pupil


October 31, 2022

Ten practical ideas for celebrating Kindness Day in your school

Kindness can be a practical way of supporting school wellbeing, gain ten simple ideas for celebrating kindness in your school.

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teacher teaching group of secondary school students


July 7, 2022

A wellbeing framework for mental health lessons

Looking for ideas for mental health lessons. Our wellbeing framework helps you plan how to teach lessons on mental health and wellbeing.

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Teenagers shaking hands to show they help each other and to prevent loneliness.


May 6, 2022

How can you help prevent loneliness for teenagers?

The theme for Mental Health Week 2022 is 'loneliness'. How can you help prevent loneliness in teenagers?

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