Our coach training course provides a comprehensive introduction to coaching young people. It is an interactive and engaging learning experience that gives you the tools necessary to coach teenagers and young adults.

You will learn the fundamentals of effective coaching with young people. The course covers topics like active listening, goal-setting, and positive psychology coaching approaches that help young people improve wellbeing and become more resilient.

The course is designed to help you feel confident and able to offer individual or group coaching programmes with young people you work with either as a private coach or in a current teaching or support role.

Why did we create the Coach Training course?

Worth-it was originally founded in 2011 to provide young people with access to innovative coaching interventions that would support the prevention of mental health problems in at risk youth. We wanted to provide coaching and group work programmes that gave targeted groups of young people a chance to connect and learn skills for wellbeing that would help them create positive change in their lives. We did this for several years and were funded by the NHS, Children in Need and local authorities and schools to offer community or school-based 1-2-1 or group coaching interventions for young people.

In 2013 we started to develop and provide our own coaching skills courses, we worked with staff from multiple agencies that included homelessness prevention, youth work, CAMHS, schools and family support to integrate coaching into their work with young people.

Since then, we have been on a mission to increase workforce capacity to provide more coaching interventions for young people by training practitioners to use coaching in their work with young people.

That’s why we created the problem-solving course – to equip coaches with the knowledge and skills they need to support young people’s growth and development. During the pandemic, we developed our established 'Coaching At Risk Young People' two-day training course online training and ran a pilot cohort.

Following the pilot in 2021 we applied for course accreditation through the association of coaching. Our course was accredited as an Award in Coach Training (AACT) which means coaches that join our course can join the association for coaching as a student and following the training can work towards being a member of the association and an accredited coach.

For more information about the accreditation process read this article.

Based on Positive Psychology Theory and Coaching Practice

Through our work and research, we have discovered that resilience and wellbeing skills are cultivated by young people through the coaching relationship and explicit learning of wellbeing strategies with their coach.

Our coaching approach empowers young people to take charge of their thoughts, emotions, and actions, practising these skills and strategies both during and outside of coaching sessions is essential for young people to develop sustainable strategies for wellbeing. The wellbeing skills and resilience strategies they develop through positive psychology coaching encompass these three vital areas.

Interpersonal and Relationship Skills

Skills and strategies that develop positive relationships and the skills to make and maintain them. This can include communication skills, friendship and teamwork skills.

Self and Emotional Awareness

Skills and strategies for understanding and self-regulation of emotions to help young people manage their mental health. This includes healthy coping skills, emotional management, relaxation techniques, stress management and resilience building.

Thinking Skills

Skills that help young people develop a positive outlook, deal with challenges and take responsibility for their progress through goal setting, action planning and problem solving.

What will you learn in the Coach Training course?

The Worth-it Coach Training course is a comprehensive blended online learning programme that covers a range of topics related to coaching young people. During the training, you will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of effective coaching,

The Worth-it Coach Training course covers a range of topics central to coach practice with young people, including:

  • Active Listening – How to listen actively to young people and help them feel heard and understood.  
  • Using Coaching Questions - How to form effective coaching questions to facilitate learning and development in young people.
  • Positive Psychology Coaching Approaches – Using techniques from positive psychology to help young people create lasting change in their lives these include strengths coaching, working with emotion and developing resilience.
  • Providing Targeted Early Prevention -  How to use coaching to provide early prevention interventions for young people who are at risk of developing mental health problems.
  • Goal Striving Behaviour– Techniques and practice to help young people work meaningful goals that will positively impact their wellbeing inside and outside the coaching sessions.

More details about the content of the modules can be found on the Coach Training Page here.

“The training was so useful and I will find it really useful with the young people I am working with.”

Emma Sharpe – Project Worker, The Children’s Society

Course Practicalities

The coach training course runs twice a year Autumn and Spring. Applications are open all year round to apply to join the next cohort. The course has set training dates which can be found on the 'What will I learn' section of the Coach Training Information Page.

When is the next course running?

The course is delivered online in two parts. Our next course is a condenced 'Summer School' Running in August Part 1 is 1 week and Part 2 is two- 3 days. The course blends short online videos, with reflective tasks, practical activities and  6x4-hour practical workshops hosted on zoom.

The course starts on the 29th July 2024 with 2.5 hours of online learning to complete before the live workshops. All live workshops are hosted on Zoom on Tuesdays 9.30- 1.30pm (UK time).

  • Part 1 - workshop dates 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th August 2024.
  • Part 2 - workshop dates 20th and 21st August 2024.

In between the workshops are 90 minutes worth of online learning, practical tasks and reflective practice. These are followed up with 2 x 2-hour online group support sessions, online reflective coaching logs, tutor feedback and a bonus 3-hour group coaching workshop.

You'll also be able to access bonus workshops to help your business development knowledge if you want to establish yourself as an independent coach that works with young people.

What if I can't make these dates?

In order to become an accredited coach, you will have to complete 21 hours of live practical workshops, to practice and develop your coaching skills. If you are unable to join a workshop for whatever reason, you will be able to join the next cohort workshop, within your 12-month access and catch up on the session you missed.

All sessions are recorded so if you have an emergency or are ill you can catch up with a recording so you don't miss out.

However, the real value is in attending live and discussing your experiences working with young people and practising your coaching skills with peer trainee coaches on the course.

What do you get with the coach training course?

The coach training course comes with 12 months of access to a comprehensive online resource that includes over 30 practical coaching tools, templates and resources to use with young people.

To help and motivate you to complete the 20 hours of coaching practice with young people required to complete the course, you can access ongoing support and motivation through your training through the live practical workshops, online coaching reflective log, follow-up support sessions and bonus coaching workshops.

You also get access to the Worth-it Coaches Network where you can join our Facebook community and get support from course trainers, alumni and peers.

Free student access to the association for coaching for the time you are completing your course.

Finally, after completing the course you will receive a certificate of completion that is accredited by the Association for Coaching and enables you to progress to becoming a member of the Association of Coaching.

How long will it take to complete the coach training course?

The complete course provides a total of 56 hours of training and 20 hours of further coaching practice is required to complete the course. As our course blends online learning, practical workshops, peer learning and requires you to complete 20 hours of practice coaching sessions with young people, we recommend the course will take 3-6 months to complete.  You have online access to the course for 12 months, just to give you that bit extra time to get all the coaching practice completed.

Once you have completed the course you will be able to download training certificates.

For more information about the modules and online learning can be found on the Worth-it Coach Training Course.

Practical Coaching Toolkit

One of the most important things about our coach training is that our course is evidence-based and practical. All of the tools and resources we provide on our course have been inspired by the direct work we have done with young people we worked with.

Our coaching toolkit is designed to be used with young people in the real world. It includes activities, exercises and tools for coaches to use with their clients during sessions and between sessions.

The toolkit looks at a range of topics such as thinking skills, emotions, stress management, strengths, resilience building and goal setting.

We have also included information and resources in the course about how to prepare for and start your coaching sessions, how to review the coaching process and end coaching sessions.  You will learn how to work with parents or partner agencies and organisations such as schools. The course also provides a workshop on how to develop and run group coaching programmes using the tools and resources shared in the course.

Who is the Worth-it Coach Training course for?

The Worth-it Coach Training Course is for anyone wanting to become a coach who works with young people. It's suitable for current or aspiring coaches, youth workers, teachers, mentors, counsellors or any other professional working with young people. The training provides in-depth training into how to use positive psychology coaching with young people to prevent the onset of mental health problems and support them to flourish in life.

“The ability to practice theory and models of positive and coaching psychology, it is refreshing and more engaging way to consider how the tools will enable my practice.”

Lucy Hart - Homeless Prevention Coach, P3

How to Join the Worth-it Coach Training Course

We use a short application form for anyone interested in taking part in the course. We look for people who have some form of experience or background working with young people, or those who can demonstrate their commitment and enthusiasm to learn about coaching young people.  

Our application process also checks for the necessary access to young people between the ages of 13-25 to practice the coaching on which is an integral part of the course as well as asks for commitment to complete the training. Places are limited on the course this helps us make sure the course participants get the most out of the learning experience and it provides practical opportunities for them to practise coaching and reflect on their skills development.

All applications are reviewed by our team and successful applicants will be contacted to be invited to an optional 1-2-1 zoom call where they can discuss their aims and plans for the course or any questions they may have.  Once the application has been passed they will be able to enrol on the next course cohort. If your application has been unsuccessful we will let you know what you can do to re-apply or suggest other programmes that may suit you better.

Most applications are unsuccessful if applicants don't have access to 3-5 young people between the ages of 13-25 for example if you work with primary-aged children or if you are not able to commit to the learning required to complete the course in 12 months.

What if I change my mind about the Worth-it Coach Training Course?

If you enrol and find the Coach Training Course isn’t for you then you can cancel your place on the course. Just let us know and we can sort the rest out for you. What’s more, I’m even giving you 14 days to change your mind! If it’s not for you, just let us know in the first two weeks from enrolment and I’ll happily refund your money.

Why you should join the Worth-it Coach Training Course!

Well if you’ve been looking for ways to effectively support the young people you work with to develop positive mental health and wellbeing then this course will help you do that. Not only will you learn how to Coach young people, but we’ll also provide all the support and resources you need to succeed using coaching in your role or independently.

Apply Today Here!

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