Our certified coach training programme, is a dynamic and practical online training course that combines online learning modules with live practical workshop sessions. The course is designed to teach you coaching techniques specific to supporting teens and young adults. By enrolling on the course you're on your way to mastering key skills like active listening, setting goals, and applying positive psychology strategies for building psychological health and resilience with the young people you work with and support.

Due to feedback from our prospective course delegates and customers, we are pleased to announce you can now enrol on our condensed 'Summer School'. The live sessions are now condensed into two training blocks run during August.

This article explains the difference between our term time coach training course and the new 'summer school' version of the course.

Key differences between the Coach Training and 'Summer School' Coach Training course

The Coach Training course usually runs twice a year in Spring and Autumn provides and delivers 6 live weekly practical sessions split into two parts over 3 months. These are during the school day making it difficult to attend for people who may work in teaching roles or educational settings and need to take time away from the classroom to attend the training.

Spring and Autumn Course Delivery Structure

Part 1 is 7 weeks and Part 2 is two weeks a total of 9 weeks. The course blends short online videos, with reflective tasks, practical activities and  6x4-hour practical workshops hosted on zoom.

The coach training course starts with 2.5 hours of online learning to complete before the live workshops.

All live workshops are hosted on Zoom on Tuesdays 10am-2pm (UK time). They usually follow this pattern.

Part 1 -  7 weeks

  • Week 1 and 2, 2.5 hours online learning.
  • Week 3, Practical session 1 and 2 hours online learning
  • Week 4, Practical session 2 and 2 hours online learning
  • Week 5, Practical session 3 and 2 hours online learning
  • Week 6, Practical session 4 and 2 hours online learning
  • Week 7, 2 hours of online learning

Break of 4- 6 weeks to start 20 hour of coaching practice sessions for coaching reflective logs and catch up on any online or self directed learning.

Part 2 - 2 weeks

  • Week 8 - Practical session 5 and 1.5 hours online learning
  • Week 9 - Practical session 6 and 1.5 hours online learning

Bonus workshops and support calls are then arranged to suit the cohort's time frame. The delegates then start completing their coaching sessions and progress logs and have 12 months of access to complete these 20 hours of coaching sessions with young people.

Summer School Course Delivery Structure

All live workshops are hosted on Zoom 9.30-1.30 (UK time). They usually follow this pattern.

Part 1 -  2 weeks

  • Week 1,  2.5 hours online learning.
  • Week 2 - Day 1,  Monday, Practical session 1 and 2 hours online learning
  • Week 2 - Day 2, Tuesday, Practical session 2 and 2 hours online learning
  • Week 2 - Day 3, Wednesday, Practical session 3 and 2 hours online learning
  • Week 2 - Day 4, Thursday, Practical session 4 and 2 hours online learning
  • Week 2 - Day 5, Friday 2 hours of online learning

One week break to catch up on any online learning or self directed learning

Part 2 - 2 weeks

  • Week 3 - Day 6, Tuesday, Practical session 2 and 2 hours online learning
  • Week 3 - Day 7, Wednesday, Practical session 3 and 2 hours online learning

Bonus workshops and support calls are then arranged to suit the cohort's time frame.

Summer course dates for your diary

The next summer coach training course starts on the 28th July 2024 with 2.5 hours of online learning to complete before the live workshops. All live practical sessions are hosted on Zoom on weekdays 9.30am-1.30pm (UK time).

Part 1 - practical session dates 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th August 2024.

Part 2 - practical session dates 20th and 21st August 2024

To get the most out of the course we strongly advise attending all the live workshops. We know you may have a holiday booked during this time and may not be able to attend all the sessions. We do record the sessions so you can watch them back if you are unable to attend in person.

In between the workshops are 90- 120 minutes worth of online learning, practical tasks and reflective practice. These are followed up with 2 x 2-hour online group support sessions, online reflective coaching logs, tutor feedback and a bonus  3-hour group coaching workshop.  The dates for these will be decided by the course participants and will happen after both Parts 1 and 2 have been delivered. We will aim to do these in school holidays such as half term or as twilight sessions.

Once you have completed the 7 modules you'll also gain access to practical business development bonus workshops.

Benefits of opting for the Summer School course

  • Condensed schedule: The condensed format of the summer school course allows participants to complete the training in a shorter period of time. This is beneficial for those who have limited availability during term-time or work in educational settings where summer breaks are more feasible.
  • Intensive learning: The concentrated training blocks during August allow participants to fully immerse themselves in the coaching techniques and strategies, leading to a deeper understanding and quicker mastery.
  • Ideal for professionals working with young people: The condensed format of the summer school course makes it ideal for professionals already working with young individuals, such as teachers, counsellors, or youth workers. They can learn new skills and strategies that they can immediately apply in their current roles working with young people.
  • Professional development: Work towards becoming an accredited coach to work with young people in a much shorter period.

How long will it take to complete the summer coach training course?

The summer course has the same blended learning content as the standard term time course. The complete course provides a total of 56 hours of training and 20 hours of further coaching practice is required to complete the course. As our course blends online learning, practical workshops, peer learning and requires you to complete 20 hours of practice coaching sessions with young people, we recommend the course will take 3-6 months to complete.  You have online access to the course for 12 months, just to give you that bit extra time to get all the coaching practice completed.

Once you have completed the course you will be able to download training certificates.

For more information about the modules and online learning can be found on the Worth-it Coach Training Course.

How long do I have to complete the summer course?

Once the course starts you will have 12 months to complete the course from the day it starts. For example if the course starts on the 22nd April 2024, you will have until the 21st April 2025 to complete the course.

To complete the course you must

  1. Achieve all the learning outcomes by watching the videos and completing reflective tasks
  2. Attend or catch up on recordings of the live practical workshops
  3. Complete a reflection on your learning from each practical session
  4. Attend the group coaching workshop
  5. Participate or caught up on the cohort support sessions
  6. Complete 20 hours of coaching with young people
  7. Select 5 examples of coaching sessions from these 20 hours to complete your coaching reflective logs which are assessed.
  8. Complete and upload your learning record to capture any additional learning you did and complete the necessary hours for the course accreditation.

Who attends the Summer Coach Training Course?

One of the most valuable things people find about completing our coach training is the learning from the experience of working with course participants from a range of backgrounds and experience working with young people. These include

  • Teachers from secondary schools or FE colleges
  • Expat and international schools
  • Pastoral managers in schools
  • School counsellors
  • School wellbeing or mental health practitioners
  • School nurses
  • CAMHs practitioners
  • Youth workers
  • Youth offending workers
  • Sport coaches who want to holistically support mental wellbeing with young people
  • Individuals wanting to use coaching with young people
  • Early Intervention programmes workers
  • NEET prevention programme workers

Practical Coaching Resources

A standout aspect of our coach training is its focus on the application of evidence-backed, hands-on coaching techniques and tools.  Meaning you once you have completed the training you have everything you need to start coaching young people. You secure access to an array of over 30 unique resources, all of which have been shaped by our extensive experience in youth coaching over the past 13 years.

Furthermore, the course encompasses a comprehensive workshop geared towards the design and implementation of group coaching programs, utilizing the resources offered within the course. We've incorporated valuable information and materials on session preparation, coaching process evaluation, and coaching session conclusion. You'll also master the art of collaboration with parents, partner agencies, and institutions like schools.

How do participants use coaching in their work?

Previous course participants go on to use coaching in their work with young people in a number of ways, these include:

  • Integrating coaching into their current role in a school or young person setting
  • Offering coaching sessions as part of private practice such as mentoring, counselling or tutoring
  • Developing school or setting-based coaching interventions or programmes
  • Establishing their coaching practice
  • Using the skills to apply for jobs that enable them to empower and coach young people in a range of educational or organisational settings

Ready to Enrol now on the Summer Coach Training Course?

Feel like this course is the right training and development opportunity for you? Our enrolment process is straightforward and hassle-free. In just a few easy steps using our short application form, you could be on your way to joining our course.

Find out more about the course and apply here

The enrolment process steps are

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Application approved
  3. You will then invited to a 1-2-1 no obligation 30-minute zoom chat to discuss your application and answer any questions
  4. Confirm your place booking by placing your online order or payment plan

Next steps

Interested but want to find out more about coaching? Access our free introduction to coaching young people course.

The course has been created for individuals with a background in working with young people or those who can prove their dedication and passion for learning about coaching young people. Don't hesitate!

Join us this summer and take your passion for coaching young people to the next level.

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