Our ethos

We are a leading provider of Positive Psychology in Education. We develop positive mental health and support children and young people to flourish.


Flourishing is a term often used in Positive Psychology to define psychological wellbeing, however it is broader than that.  When a plant is healthy and blooming, it is said to “flourish,” or thrive. However, what does it mean for a child or young person to flourish?

Simply put, to flourish means to feel good mentally and physically, do good for yourself and others, and function well in life. We want to support all children and young people in the UK (an beyond!) to move towards flourishing. We believe (and so do fellow Positive Psychology researchers) that if you move people toward flourishing, you move them away from languishing, and prevent mental health problems.

Social impact

Worth-it is a Community Interest Company and we are passionate about creating sustainable social impact. We want the impact of our work to continue to grow, benefiting as many children and young people as possible, to gain skills that improve resilience and wellbeing.  To ensure maximum impact we focus on indirectly supporting children and young people through upskilling professionals, teachers and schools.

We have a focus on collaboration with partner organisations. We work with partners to develop prevention programmes that support the development of positive mental health and wellbeing in children and young people in a range of complementary sectors, such as education, community, health, criminal justice and employability.

Our values

These values inspire all our work:


Developing real change, making a sustainable difference for children and young people now and in future. A commitment to large-scale social impact.


An honest approach that has been founded on a robust evidence base, upholding organisational ethics, striving for excellence and always improving.


Working with organisations, partners, commissioners and schools. Being voice led; involving children and young people, and using their ideas and influence in the creation of all interventions and approaches.


A belief in the ability of others to improve, grow and flourish. Enabling professionals, schools, organisations, children and young people to develop skills, strategies, tools and resources that improve wellbeing and resilience.