Develop the Resilience and Wellbeing of Children and Young People

Worth-it’s workshops and programmes of coaching empower children and young people to explore
a range of practical strategies helpful for developing wellbeing and resilience.

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Delivering Wellbeing Support to Children and Young People Nationwide

Resilience and Wellbeing Workshops for Children and Young People

Worth-it's fun and engaging resilience and wellbeing workshops give children and young people the opportunity to explore a variety of resources for supporting resilience and developing wellbeing. The sessions encourage the development of positive coping strategies, helping participants to better manage the pressures and challenges they face in their daily lives.

Our workshops are flexible to fit a range of school or organisational requirements and are underpinned by an evidence-base of positive psychology approaches proven to build resilience and wellbeing.

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Who are the Resilience and Wellbeing Workshops for?


Developed for Key Stage 2 primary aged children. Our practical, fun workshops can support children to gain helpful wellbeing strategies they can use in everyday life.


During adolescence mental wellbeing can take a dip. Helping young people develop wellbeing and resilience strategies can support them to deal with everyday challenges they face.

Post 16 Young Adults

Supporting young adults to develop wellbeing and resilience can help them manage life transitions, increase positive coping, and support them to develop wellbeing and resilience.

How we Provide our Wellbeing and Resilience Workshops for Schools and Organisations

Delivered remotely, our Wellbeing and Resilience workshop content is tailored by our team of expert consultants based on the age and requirements of participants. We work with you to make sure our sessions meet the needs of your school or organisation’s children and young people.

The workshop introduces key concepts for the development of wellbeing and resilience. These activities are made developmentally appropriate and accessible for different ages and abilities. The workshop makes positive psychology engaging and relevant for children and young people, providing tips and ideas through a range of engaging slides, video clip content and practical activities.

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Practical and Engaging Wellbeing Workshops for Children and Young People

We have designed our workshops for children and young people to fit a range of school and organisational requirements, offering short presentation workshops for larger groups of children or young people, year groups and classes, and more interactive workshops for smaller targeted groups.

Our Workshops are developed from 12 years’ experience of supporting thousands of children and young people. Although tailored to your needs content typically includes:

  • What is wellbeing and resilience, and why it is important to develop them both.

  • How positive psychology helps children and young people’s personal development, wellbeing, and success.

  • Introduction to the strategies and wellbeing for resilience and wellbeing.

  • Ways to develop optimistic thinking.

  • Understanding resilience and how to develop it.

  • Developing personal confidence and self-awareness.

  • Skills for positive thinking and self-talk.

  • Understanding how to keep moving towards your goals even when faced with challenges and setbacks.

  • Self-help tips and strategies that can be used on a day-to-day basis to manage challenge.

  • Our wellbeing and resilience workshops are mainly delivered online.

  • We have versions of the workshops suitable for different ages and Key Stages and abilities.

  • We provide a day or half day rate of our workshops which are delivered by our team of qualified and experienced coaches, psychologists, and consultants.

  • Workshop sessions last between 45- 90 minutes. We can deliver either the same session repeated for different groups of children or young people or adapt the workshop for different cohorts based on age, need or year group. Presentations are usually 45-60 minutes and workshops 60-90 minutes.

  • Group numbers can vary from large more presentation style workshops to smaller more practical group coaching mini programmes.

  • We work with each school and organisation to put together a programme of workshops to support the children or young people who will be attending the workshops.

  • We mainly deliver our workshops online; we can deliver onsite workshops. However, this depends on the location of your site and duration of the sessions you would like to book.

Proactive Early Support Aligned with PSHE & Mental Health Curricula

Teaching explicit strategies for wellbeing and positive mental health is integral to any effective approach to school-wide mental health. Providing workshops or wellbeing lessons to pupils and students is a simple way to introduce key tools and personal resources that support the development of wellbeing and resilience.

Our workshops provide proactive early support that encourages the development of resilience and wellbeing in children and young people through offering ideas, tips, and self-help strategies. This approach meets the requirements of PHSE, RSE and Mental Health curriculums.

Schools we deliver workshops for often use pupil premium or recovery premium funding to provide our workshops to reduce barriers to learning associated with poor wellbeing and resilience.

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Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching for Young People

Developmental coaching has been evidenced as one of the most effective ways to improve resilience and reduce stress while also providing proactive early prevention of mental health problems. Our Resilience Coaching sessions for young people integrate positive psychology with developmental coaching psychology to provide robust evidence base proven to develop wellbeing.

The coaching sessions provide resources for developing personal resilience and confidence, managing change, and reducing stress levels. Our young person’s coaches draw upon an extensive range of coaching tools and strategies, from areas of practice including solution-focused coaching, cognitive behavioural techniques, strengths and wellbeing development.

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Who is the Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching for?


During adolescence mental wellbeing can take a dip. Helping young people develop wellbeing and resilience through personalised coaching strategies can support them to deal with everyday challenges they face and find their own solutions.

Post 16 Young Adults

Supporting young adults to develop wellbeing and resilience can help them manage life transitions, increase positive coping, and support them to develop wellbeing and resilience to achieve potential.

Targeted Cohorts

Early intervention is most effective when provided to young people more at risk, these include young carers, NEET, cared for young people, LGBTQ+ or those who have been identified as vulnerable due to challenging situations and circumstances.

How we Provide our Wellbeing and Resilience Coaching Interventions in Schools and Organisations

Our coaching offers one to one mental health support sessions for young people aged 13+ supporting them to build their resilience and overall mental wellbeing. Sessions with a trained and experienced coach encourage and support young people to increase self-awareness, develop positive coping strategies, build resilience, and effectively manage change and additional pressures.

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Positive Psychology Coaching
for Young People

Our solution focused positive psychology coaching supports young people to build resilience and develop effective personalised strategies for maintaining their own wellbeing. We work in partnership with schools and organisations to deliver coaching programmes for young people.

Coaching is individual to each young person. The coach works with the young person to identify personal areas for development that will contribute to increased wellbeing and resilience.

Coaching can cover:

  • Learning to ask for help and reduce the negative coping strategies that they have previously relied on (which can include avoiding school, self-harming or substance misuse).

  • Developing sustainable self-help strategies that can be used after the coaching sessions are completed.

  • Developing self-awareness, confidence, and communication skills essential for positive mental health.

  • Supporting the young person to find solutions that help them manage challenges they face.

  • Building skills and abilities that help with a range of issues affecting young people.

  • Learning and practice a range of positive coping strategies that help young people to improve mental health and resilience.

As a result of coaching, young people will:

  • Learn to develop trust with a supportive adult and talk about problems they may have been bottling up, resulting in improved communication and behaviour.

  • Be able to regulate and control their reactions to situations.

  • Develop self-awareness and personal character strengths, building self-worth and confidence.

  • Develop different perspectives to find solutions in order to overcome challenges.

  • Organisations and schools commission block coaching programmes for cohorts of young people.

  • Our team of qualified coaches liaise with the organisation/school to arrange the delivery of the coaching sessions.

  • Sessions are conducted in confidence virtually using zoom or your preferred online conferencing platform.

  • The sessions are confidential between the coach and young person, each young person is set up with their own coaching log to share notes and coaching resources with their coach.

  • The young person can track their progress through their individualised coaching progress log.

  • You can allocate coaching sessions through your coaching portal track the young person's engagement and progress.

Proactive Early Intervention and Prevention to Reduce Barriers to Learning and Achievement

Evidence demonstrates that coaching outcomes result in improved resilience, behaviour and reduced stress and absence, and positively impact on engagement in further support, education, learning or work. Schools provide coaching in often pupil premium or recovery premium funding to provide coaching interventions that reduce barriers to learning for targeted cohorts of pupils.

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How our Support for Children and Young People improves Wellbeing and Resilience

Our work and research has shown that skills for resilience and wellbeing skills are developed through the experience of taking part in the workshop or the coaching relationship, through explicit learning and practising the skills and strategies for wellbeing and resilience inside and outside the coaching or workshop sessions.

Our approaches allow young people to take responsibility and ownership for their thinking, feelings and behaviour. The wellbeing skills and resilience strategies the young people develop through positive psychology coaching and workshops combine these three broad interrelated categories.

Interpersonal and Relationship Skills

Skills and strategies that develop positive relationships and the skills to make and maintain them. This can include communication skills, friendship and teamwork skills.

Self and Emotional Awareness Skils

Strategies that develop self-knowledge, self- acceptance and positive self-image. These are combined with strategies that develop emotional literacy.

Thinking Skills

Skills that help young people developing a positive outlook, deal with challenges and take responsibility for their progress through goal setting, action planning and problem solving.

Workshop Testimonial

“How wonderful it was to work with you. The children learnt so much from you and we all felt inspired by your enthusiasm.

As a school, we were hoping to find someone who could help us to promote a message of self-confidence and self-worth, but also to help the children realise that it is up to them to do their best to think in a positive way. That message was put across so very clearly. We were very lucky to have found you!”

Caldecott Primary School

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We Provide Support to Children and Young People in Partnership with


We specialise in the promotion of wellbeing and resilience in children and young people through providing practical wellbeing lessons, workshops and coaching interventions in school settings.

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Our coaching programmes and workshops are delivered in partnership with national children and young people's organisations. These include charities, education providers and third sector partners.

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We partner with health and local authority commissioners to deliver evidence-based, cost-effective mental health interventions, workshops and coaching programmes that support children and young people.

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