Our Approach

A bit more about the philosophy behind our methodology and programme design.

Worth-it Positive Education CIC

A Community Interest Company supporting the application of evidence-based approaches that build positive mental health in children and young people. We support children and young people, and those that support them, to develop wellbeing and resilience.

The pressures and demands faced by children and young people, combined with a lack of resources and effective coping strategies, is resulting in an epidemic of mental health problems. With an increase in depression and anxiety, along with self-harm and panic attacks among children and young people, over half of all mental health problems start before the age of 14. There is an urgent need to provide support to children and young people at an earlier stage, to help them to flourish.

In combining our academic grounding in the mental wellbeing sciences of positive psychology and coaching psychology, with our practical experience supporting children and young people, and those that support them, we have developed a range of effective services to promote wellbeing and resilience outcomes for children and young people.

Our approach to developing positive mental health creates the following positive outcomes.

  • Reduces symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Develops self-help skills that improve mental wellbeing.
  • Prevents escalation of emotional issues.
  • Improves communication, interpersonal skills and relationships.
  • Supports engagement in, and attitude to, learning.
  • Increase confidence and develops self-awareness.
  • Reduces workload pressures in schools.
  • Decreases absences and improves attendance.
  • Reduces the use of negative coping strategies such as self-harm.