Wellbeing Support for Schools

We specialise in the promotion of wellbeing and resilience in pupils, staff and whole school communities.

Delivering Wellbeing Support to Schools Nationwide

 Rainey Endowed Grammar School, Northern Ireland
Alderman Richard Hallam Primary, Leicester
Caldecote Primary School
Dame Alice Owen's School
Hazlehurst Community Primary
Lutterworth High

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Senior Mental Health Lead Role Overview


Delivering Wellbeing Support for Schools

Our range of specialist support provides effective early intervention and prevention of mental health problems in children and young people. We partner with schools across the UK to increase local capacity to meet the wellbeing needs of children and young people.

How our Support Works

Our accessible menu of support empowers schools to develop and deliver their wellbeing provision for pupils, staff and the whole school community. We support schools to embed mental health and wellbeing in a way that fits their unique needs and priorities.

Our highly trained and experienced consultants form collaborative relationships with our partner schools, supporting them to strategically apply evidence-based approaches that promote wellbeing and prevent mental health problems

We specialise in Positive Education. Our approach is positive, proactive, accessible and non-clinical. Our support increases schools’ capacity and capability to build on existing areas of good practice.

Our approach has been developed in line with best practice guidelines from the Department for Education and Department of Health, and is underpinned by an evidence base that combines positive psychology, organisational psychology, and coaching psychology.

For over a decade we have supported 100s of schools across the UK develop wellbeing, provide targeted support for pupils and students to help prevent mental health problems developing.

Targeted Support Programmes for Pupils and Students

We provide a range of evidence based early prevention interventions for schools and colleges.


Our fun and engaging resilience and wellbeing workshops give children and young people the opportunity to explore a variety of resources for supporting resilience and developing wellbeing.

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Our resilience and wellbeing coaching sessions for young people integrate positive psychology with developmental coaching psychology to provide robust evidence base proven to help prevent the development of mental health problems.

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Peer-to-Peer Support

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme enables you to establish and support an empowered team of young people that will be the leaders of wellbeing initiatives that provide early mental health support for their peers.

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Teaching and School Staff Training
and Development

We increase school staff’s capacity to support whole school mental health and wellbeing.

Senior Mental Health Lead

Our DfE assured online training programme supports senior mental health leads develop, a sustainable whole school approach positive mental health and wellbeing.

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Staff Training

Our online training for school staff teams. Increases their capacity to support student or pupil mental health and wellbeing through an strategic approach to positive education.

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Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is integral to supporting pupil mental health and wellbeing. Our staff wellbeing coaching programme helps teachers and staff reduce stress and improve strategies for wellbeing.

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Why Develop School
Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Support and Training for School Mental Health and Wellbeing

Leading Whole School Mental Health

Our coaching sessions, strategy workshops and school culture evaluations support school leaders to embed sustainable cultures of mental health, wellbeing and resilience, and to evaluate their effectiveness.

Staff Training and Development

We specialise in training whole staff teams and specialist practitioners in a range of strategies and resources that increase capacity to support pupil mental health. Our staff development enables schools to embed wellbeing into the classroom, curriculum and ethos.

Staff Wellbeing Support

Our staff wellbeing workshops and coaching sessions support the development of staff wellbeing and resilience. We also empower school staff to champion and lead their own effective and sustainable, staff wellbeing initiatives.

Teaching Mental Wellbeing

Our workshops for pupils and teaching resources explicitly teach skills for mental wellbeing. We also support schools to develop their own taught mental wellbeing lessons.

Supporting Vulnerable Pupils

Our training enables schools to develop and provide targeted early prevention programmes for pupils at risk of developing mental health problems. We also provide training and resources that enable pupils to lead wellbeing support for peers in their school.

Working with Parents and Carers

We support schools to work with parents and carers to improve the wellbeing and resilience of pupils. Our practical workshops provide parents with strategies that they can use at home to support the approaches to mental health, wellbeing and resilience being learned at school.

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Introduction to Leading Whole School Mental Health & Wellbeing

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What Evidence Underpins Worth-it’s Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Our Whole School Approach

Our whole school system for positive mental health offers a step-by-step process, enabling you to audit, plan and take action in developing your whole school approach.

Developed from Positive Psychology, organisational psychology, and practical experience of working with schools for 12 years. Our system framework helps schools and colleges figure out their unique starting point for developing whole school wellbeing that supports all pupils, staff and the school community.

Positive Education

Positive education is the science of wellbeing applied in educational settings.

Worth-it are a leading provider of Positive Education in the UK. We base all our programmes on the SEARCH Pathways to Wellbeing (Waters and Loton 2019). SEARCH provides a proven and evidence-based framework that supports schools to plan implement, develop and embed sustainable approached to developing whole school wellbeing.

Coaching Psychology

Coaching Psychology is the evidence-based approach to using coaching to improve wellbeing, performance, and success. Coaching has been proven to be the most effective leadership and development tool within the education sector.

We use coaching to support schools develop and implement our wellbeing frameworks in the best way for them and their school. Coaching is important to us as we are not prescriptive in our approach.  We believe in empowering schools to take the theories, tools, techniques and approaches to developing wellbeing and make them their own. This has been demonstrated to be the most effective way of working for creating a sustained and embedded change to school wellbeing.

School Testimonials

“Since working with Worth-it staff are more aware of the impact of emotional wellbeing and we are more mindful when dealing with students, this has resulted in pupil improvements in behaviour and positive staff and student relationships.”

Sue Webster, Pastoral Manager, Ibstock Community College

“Worth-it are inspiring and creative leaders. I would recommend them 100% to develop approaches to school wellbeing.”

Annemarie Williams, CEO and Executive Principal, Odyssey Educational Trust

“Working with Worth-it proved to be a very thought provoking and useful session for all of our staff who attended the training.  Everyone felt included and able to contribute and many staff reported back that the session had made them re-evaluate how they thought about their own wellbeing and that of other colleagues in school.”

Lyndon Green

Programmes Developed For Schools

Staff Wellbeing

Support your staff to develop strategies for personal and team wellbeing


Wellbeing Toolkit

Train your team to apply strategies for wellbeing with children and young people


Wellbeing Club

DfE assured training and resources for Senior Mental Health Leads


Wellbeing Ambassadors

Help your young people support peer wellbeing


Examples and Case Studies

Wellbeing Ambassadors - Peer Mentors for Year 7 Transition

Dame Alice Owen’s school in Hertfordshire, trained 70 Sixth Form students to be peer mentors and support year seven with the transition to secondary school. Their Wellbeing Ambassadors programme has had a huge impact in supporting students to belong at school.


Supporting Pupils and Staff Through a Wellbeing Curriculum

Anne Marie Knowles, headteacher and senior mental health lead at Hazlehurst primary school in Bury, Greater Manchester – and one of Wellbeing Club’s founding members – shares how being a member and using our training and recourses have helped them to how there are provide their own early prevention provision.


Wellbeing Ambassador Programme Impact Rainey Endowed School, Northern Ireland

Rainey Endowed School is a secondary school based in Northern Ireland. Our Wellbeing Ambassadors programme was delivered in house. This example highlights how the programme supported students to improve wellbeing even during lockdown.


Senior Mental Health Lead, Example at Alderman Richard Hallam Primary, Leicester

In 2017, Carla Lawes, the Assistant Head and Senior Mental Health Lead at Alderman Richard Hallam Primary attended a progremme that was the basis for our Wellbeing Club. Since then, they have consistently built and embedded their whole school approach to positive mental health and wellbeing. Improving attainment, attendance and behaviour as well as improving staff wellbeing.


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