How to apply for the DfE grant for Senior Mental Health lead training and support 

Worth-it are delighted and proud to announce that our Wellbeing Club has been quality assured as an approved provider of training for Senior Mental Health Leads.

Developing whole school wellbeing is confusing and can feel overwhelming for many Senior Mental Health Leads, especially those who are new to the role. There can be a lack of consistency and clarity around what to do and how to do it – this can result in over delivery in one area, for example pupil social awareness, and a lack in others e.g., staff development and awareness.

Introducing Wellbeing Club

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SMHL Wellbeing Club

Our approach to working with schools and colleges recognises the complexities of each aspect or element involved in developing mental health and wellbeing. We apply a systems approach to supporting schools and colleges develop wellbeing and positive mental health. This has been created from the 8 principles and integrated with applied positive psychology strategies, proven to develop the wellbeing and protect the mental health of children and young people.

Why do we use a systems approach? In a system there are interconnections between each element: it is important to understand how they interact with each other and as a whole. Using this approach within a school or college means there's no wrong place to start. It is also efficient and effective, changing a few things in one area can have a big effect to the wellbeing of the whole system and everyone in it.

We help Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads learn HOW to develop a whole school approach. Our approach helps you move beyond just learning what you should be doing and feel confident to actually put your plans into action. This means you can make a big difference to all your pupils, staff and the whole school community. See this example of a school who applied this approach.

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Whole School Approach to Developing Mental Health and Wellbeing

Online membership to the Wellbeing Club is provided for 12 months. During these 12 months you can access the Wellbeing Club at any time, learning how to apply the whole school approach in short online courses, workshops, resources and support, including:

  • Peer support and expert support enabling you to lead the ongoing development of school wellbeing. 
  • A library of practical CPD workshops, monthly live courses, and workshops that can be accessed anytime
  • A toolkit of staff development and pupil wellbeing and resilience resources.
  • Ongoing action planning and progress tracking

Department for Education Assured training for Senior Mental Health Leads 

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DfE approved course for Senior Mental Health Leads

Wellbeing Club membership for 12 months access to on-demand, training resources and support so you can jump straight in to developing your school's approach to mental health and wellbeing.

We specialise in helping with the HOW, providing you with lots of practical tools, information, resources and support to make wellbeing part of core business in your school.

When you join Wellbeing Club you can access:

  • Online Training – In-depth on demand training you can do anytime, with new courses added every term, helping you feel confident to lead your whole school approach
  • Wellbeing Curriculum Resources and Training – how to develop a cross curricular approach to teaching wellbeing that benefits the mental health of all children and young people
  • Regular CPD  – Practical, regular online workshops and on demand courses to explore key areas of developing a whole school approach to positive mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Toolkits – Resources that enable you to deliver mini programmes, workshops and interventions that support pupils and staff wellbeing aligned to the DfE recommended learning outcomes for Senior Mental Health Leads. 
  • Examples  – of effective practice from schools within the network and opportunity to share your effective practice and celebrate success with other schools. 
  • Ongoing  Support – Live  coaching workshops, goal setting, action planning and progress review sessions once every term, to build confidence, peer support networks and capacity to overcome challenges.
  • Member Directory and Facebook Community – providing peer to peer networking opportunities. No need to wait, you can join our free Facebook community today here.

What to do to access the DfE grant funding to pay for Wellbeing Club 

Schools and colleges are now being encouraged, by the DfE, to BOOK courses. While the DfE grant system is being set up, the DfE have advised (that providing you meet eligibility criteria stipulated by the DfE) you will be guaranteed the ability to claim back £1,200 to cover the costs of the course and support the lead.

Only one third of schools in the UK will be able to access the funding this academic year, so it is likely to get snapped up quickly. If you know which course you would like to do and it is on the approved quality assured list feel confident to go a head and book.

What is the eligibility criteria for the DfE Senior Mental Health Lead Grant?

Only state schools in England will be eligible to access the DfE funding: it will not apply to independent schools.

Your school must also have made a commitment to prioritising mental health and developing a whole school approach.

You must have identified a member of staff who will be your Senior Mental Health Lead although they can be new in post.

Also consider when making your application that only School Mental Health leads who are SLT, or Mental Health Leads who work closely with SLT to develop and influence whole school wellbeing and mental health at a strategic level, will be eligible to get their place on a course funded by the DfE grant.

Find out more about the DfE grant SMHL grant funding eligibility criteria.

Senior Mental Health Leads are now able to book their chosen course directly with the relevant training provider. Obviously we would like you to choose our Wellbeing Club, here is where to find out more.

Claiming back the SMHL grant funding

In the next few weeks schools will be able opt in to the provider framework for them to access the grant funding. Make sure you look out for this and opt-in. If you need help choosing a course use the course selection tool . This will help you navigate the courses available on the DfE quality assured list and select the one that most closely meets your needs.

Further information about DfE grant funding. Also keep your eyes peeled; we will update you with information as and when we find out more.

Don't want to wait for the DfE funding and want to join now?

If you don't want to wait you can join Wellbeing Club now. The good news is you can book now and in a few weeks there will be opportunity to claim the money back from the DfE after the grants are available.

To help with this, the question to consider is, would you have joined our programme of training courses and support that help you learn HOW to develop school mental health and wellbeing anyway?

Want to join Wellbeing Club?

That is fantastic, we can't wait for you to join us in our supportive and helpful Wellbeing Club.

Click here find out more. We hope you can join us soon!

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