Our youth coaching is an early invention that helps to prevent mental health problems developing in young people.

Coaching is designed to encourage and support vulnerable young people to adapt during times of stress and adversity using a 1-to-1 intervention underpinned by the science of positive psychology and evidence-based coaching.

We have been delivering and developing coaching-based interventions for at-risk young people for over 12 years.

In 2021 we developed our online Coach Training Course which has been accredited as an Award in Coach Training by the Association for Coaching.

Why become a Worth-it Trained Coach?

Worth-it have been supporting the prevention of mental health problems in young people for over a decade. Over 5000 children and young people have participated in our coaching based programmes for early prevention.

We have worked with 100s of young people through direct coaching 1-2-1 interventions. We have trained over 3500 practitioners, including teachers, youth workers, support workers and NHS staff in our their day-to-day approach.

The course has been delivered in organisations or teams of practitioners or individuals through the open coach training courses we run twice a year.

People who complete our training use coaching in their day-to-day work with young people, for example as a youth worker, teacher or support worker, or individually as part of their own coaching or private practice working with young people

Worth-it believe (and our published research tells us) that the coaching relationship and process is a highly effective way for young people to learn skills and strategies that develop resilience and wellbeing.

We are now providing the opportunity for YOU to train become a Worth-it Trained Coach and either provide Coaching to young people you work with in your school or setting find out more about what you will learn below.

Youth Coach Training: Online Learning Modules

In order to support practitioners and teachers train to effectively coach young people we created a blended learning online course with pre-recorded online modules and live practical workshops.

When you start the course you will learn practical information, and theory on how to use positive psychology coaching with young people.

This course covers all the practical skills and downloadable resources for you to use directly use youth coaching in your work with young people either as an addition to your current role or independently.

The course is broken down into two modules. The team version of the course provides the option to do part 1 only or both parts 1 and 2, depending on the teams training needs and organisational requirements.

The course for individuals included training parts 1 and 2, a bonus group coaching workshop and ongoing support.

Coach Training Part 1

Module 1 - Introduction to Coaching Young People

Online Learning 2.5 hours

This module introduces you to the role and purpose of a coach who works with young people. Providing you with key background theory into our approach


  • Course overview, aims and course objectives and being a reflective practitioner
  • Overview of the positive psychology theory behind our approach to coaching young people to develop wellbeing and resilience
  • Early intervention and prevention with at risk young people
  • What is Coaching? Where coaching fits with other support for young people.
Module 1 Practical Session - Understanding Coaching Young People

4 hour live zoom workshop

  • Practical tools and activities to engage young people in coaching
  • Boundaries and responsibilities of the coach when working with young people
  • Core coaching competencies such as listening and empathy
  • Coaching practice and group discussions

Module 2 - Coaching Way of Being

This module provides a more in depth look at the coaching way of being. skills and how to engage young people in the coaching process.


  • Coaching skills such as asking questions, reframing and positive outlook
  • The coaching way of being and how this supports the development of wellbeing and resilience in young people
  • How to build trust and engage vulnerable young people in coaching
Module 2 Practical Session - Coaching Skills Practice

4 hour live zoom workshop

  • Expanding on key coaching skills in module 1 with practice and discussion
  • The importance of creating a coaching relationship that empowers young people
  • The use of language to develop empowerment and responsibility

Module 3 - Coaching Tools

In this module, we will be exploring a range of coaching tools that develop thinking skills and self-awareness.


  • Goal setting and action planning through using Hope Theory
  • Tools and strategies for developing thinking skills
  • Coaching approached for raising self-awareness
Module 3 Practical Session - Solution Focused Coaching Tools

4 hour live zoom workshop

  • Coaching tools to raise awareness develop helpful thinking and reframing unhelpful thinking
  • Practicing coaching solution focused coaching approaches

Module 4 - Developing Resilience

This module covers a range of positive psychology techniques that develop resilience.


  • Key theories for the importance of developing resilience
  • Developing a positive outlook and the experience of positive emotions
  • Understanding strengths use and strengths awareness
Module 4 Practical Session - Strengths Based Coaching Practice
  • Strengths coaching and strengths building coaching questions

Module 5 - The Process of Coaching Young People

This module focuses on the process of coaching. Enabling you to get started coaching young people.


  • Starting and managing the coaching process
  • Managing your role as coach when working with young people

Coach Training Part 2 (Full accredited course only)

Module 6 - Emotions in Coaching

Online Learning 1.5 hours

In this module, we will take a further look at coaching skills and approaches that help young people build self and emotional awareness.


  • Emotional awareness and emotional management in coaching
  • The importance of supporting young people to develop positive emotions
  • Strengths overuse and underuse
Module 6 Practical - Building Positive Relationships

4 hour live zoom workshop

  • Coaching practice on building positive relationships and role models
  • Building strengths coaching approaches with young people
  • Working with and reframing labels
  • Strengths coaching and strengths building coaching questions

Module 7 - Dealing with Change

Our final module takes a look at dealing with change and how to step into your role as coach and the importance of ongoing development.


  • Dealing with change and resistance
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the coaching process
  • Your ongoing development as a coach including becoming an accredited positive psychology coach or practitioner
Module 7 Practical  - Professional Development

4 hour live zoom workshop

  • A focus on your own areas for development as coaches
  • The development of wellbeing for young people and maintain your own wellbeing levels when working as a coach with young people
  • Managing your own coping strategies and beliefs

Bonus Group Coaching workshop

3 hour live zoom workshop

This bonus practical workshop session enables you to apply the coaching skills and tools covered in the coach training to run group coaching workshops with young people.

Youth Coaching Resource Toolkit

When you join our coach training course will gain access to our bank of evidence-based coaching tools and resources for your own professional development and to use to complete your 20 hours of coaching practice with young people. These include:

Coaching Tools to use with young people

  • Solution-focused coaching worksheets
  • Strengths coaching tools and activities
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Tools for developing self-awareness and confidence
  • Tools to challenging and change unhelpful thinking and behaviour

Coaching Professional Development tools

  • Self-reflective coaching logs
  • Session planning tools
  • Coaching question sets
  • Cheat sheets and tips to increase your confidence when coaching
  • Practical tasks and challenges to develop your skills

Support and Encouragement to Coach Young People

We have designed this course to provide you with the confidence and practical tools to get started coaching young people. As part of your coach training we offer:

  • Ongoing support for each module from an experienced trainers
  • Access to our online professional development group
  • Online reflective coaching logs to support the development of your coaching practice
  • Dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) for course materials and downloadble coaching tools
  • Opportunities to gain and share your experience of coaching young people with other trainee coaches
  • Online follow up sessions that provide you with support and supervision
  • Feedback and advice to troubleshoot any problems you may encounter
  • Networks with other course participants that encourage professional development of your coaching skills
  • Motivation and encouragement to complete the required 20 hours of coaching practice with young people

Accredited Coach Training

Our Worth-it youth Coach Training is an Accredited Award in Coach Training (AACT) provided by the Association for Coaching (AC), you will gain student membership to the AC when you enrol on this course.

When you have completed our course you be able to independently apply to the the Asoociation for Coaching for your own accreditation as a coach. Becoming an accredited coach with the AC involves completing further coaching practice, a total of 75 hours, two written assignments in addition to completing our AACT-accredited course.

Working through this process after you have completed our AACT accredited course will mean you are recognised as a Coach with an accrediting body, which gives you credibility, and means to adhere to professional and ethical standards recognised within the coaching industry.

However, it is not mandatory within the coaching industry to be accredited and you can start coaching young people after you have completed the second live module of of our course.

Our Coach Training course has also been approved by the Guild of Positive Psychology. Once you have joined the you can gain free membership to the guild as a positive psychology student member and work towards becoming a registered Positive Psychology Practitioner.

Find out more about Worth-it Coach Training

We have designed our Worth-it Coach Training course you give you the practical skills and tools you need to coach young people and make a real difference to their mental health and wellbeing.

To find out more about our approach to coaching young people, sign up for our free Coaching Webinar Series.

By becoming a Worth-it trained coach, you will have the skills to support young people’s development of positive mental health and wellbeing. You will also be part of a global network of coaches making a difference in the lives of young people around the world.

Find out how you can make a real impact on young people’s lives by becoming a Worth-it Trained Coach.

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