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Looking for the right DfE assured Senior Mental Health Lead training for your school?

Confused by all of the different training providers', over 100 course options and DfE's grant funding process?

Want some assurances that you're making a wise and effective investment, and some practical guidance to select a provider?

Want to understand how to differentiate between the different types of training courses available and which may best suit your requirements?

The short video explanation below will give you confidence and clarity in choosing the right DfE approved training course for you - whether with us or another provider.


Choosing DfE assured training? Watch our guidance briefing with CEO Liz-Robson Kelly

Key features of our DfE assured training - Wellbeing Club

  • On-demand: No pressure to achieve everything in a short time, access at your own pace.

  • Comprehensive: Library of personalised, practical curriculum tools and resources as well as actionable guidance.

  • Coaching: Live half-termly hotline drop in calls with our friendly team of qualified positive psychology experts.

  • Examples: Get regular top-ups of inspiration and ideas from other schools similar to yours.

  • Together: Join a community of supportive peers on the same SMHL journey as you.

  • Hybrid: As well as self-paced content, join in with regular workshops with expert guest speakers.

  • Benefits: Unlock exclusive additional benefits, such as discounts on other mental health programmes and resources.

  • Ongoing: Far more than a single, in-person training course, you get sustainable help and guidance for a full year.

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