Children's Mental Health Week (7-13 February 2022). In my last blog, we discussed the Worth-it team's top 5 tips on how schools can best prepare for Children's Mental Health Week. As Children's Mental Health Week is such an important part of the school calendar, we thought that it deserved more than one blog!

Therefore, we went back to our team and asked them for their most practical and meaningful activities that schools could implement during Children's Mental Health Week. Here are our top 5 all based on Positive Psychology the science of wellbeing!

Check out our mini-training video on Ideas for Children's Mental Health Week 2022 and the theme 'Growing together' on YouTube or read on for more practical ideas!

1. Gratitude Jars

Something as simple as putting a glass jar in your classroom can have such a huge impact! Ask the children to write down things that they are grateful for and place them in the jar throughout the week.  

This small, but powerful activity helps children to think positively, which is great for developing their wellbeing. For an added twist, why not make it a competition; with the first class to fill their jar winning!


2. Undercover Kindness

Give each child the name of another child in their class. Make sure that they don't tell each other who they have been given! The aim of this activity is to encourage the children to be kind to the person whose name they have been given before the end of the week without being found out.

At the end of the week, ask every child who they think had been kind to them. Not only will this reveal if they had been found out, but it will also show the children just how many others have been kind to them not as part of the activity. Doing this activity helps to build positive relationships between peers as well as develop positive thinking.

3. Savour the Moment Challenge

Rather than the traditional raisin or chocolate savouring task, ask the children to think of one or more extremely positive moments from their past. Once they have done this, depending on their age you can get them to draw the moment or find a picture that reminds them of it. This activity helps to reduce negativity bias and develops their ability to find the positives in situations.    

4. Wellbeing Walk

It might sound simple, but going outside is good for your wellbeing. Regardless of the weather! Why not use part of the school day to take the children for a wellbeing walk and talk. Being in nature and noticing the seasons helps individuals to focus on the present, which can reduce anxiety and develop wellbeing in the process.

5. Go Home Laughing

 It's so important that children not only enjoy their day at school but that they go home afterwards with a smile on their face. One way of doing this is to ask the children to share/think of one funny thing that they heard, saw or did during the day.  

Doing this will help them to look back on the school day in a positive light and go home happy. Not only can doing this help develop wellbeing but it can also help children view their school more positively, and promote a positive school culture.


Supporting your Child's Mental Health - laugh and joy

We're here to help

We hope that you found our practical and meaningful activities for Children's Mental Health Week useful. We at Worth-it are dedicated to helping schools develop positive mental health and wellbeing. If you would like to find out more about our approach to supporting schools to develop children and young people's mental health and wellbeing access our FREE Introductory workshop or access our FREE Mini Course, which provides an example of how one school has developed whole school wellbeing.

Make sure that you read our other blog on Children's Mental Health Week that gives you our team's top 5 tips on how schools can best prepare for Children's Mental Health Week.

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