Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for Children and Young People's Organisations

Our services and solutions offer organisations evidence-based approaches to develop positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience in children and young people.

Partnering for Positive Sustainable Change

Collaboration is one of our core organisational values and we are proud to work in partnership with a number of children and young people’s organisations nationally.

Our approach to developing a range of positive outcomes for children and young people is always underpinned by the promotion of wellbeing and the prevention of mental health problems. We have worked with partner organisations to meet priority outcomes in a range of areas, including children and young people’s mental illness, NEET prevention, crime prevention, youth and community, tackling physical inactivity in children and young people and reducing mental health stigma.

Organisations we have worked with include charities, social enterprises, youth sector, criminal justice, health sector, welfare to work sector and the voluntary and community sector.

“The training was so useful and I will find it really useful with the young people I work with.”

Emma Sharpe, Project Worker, The Children's Society