Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for Children and Young People's Organisations

Our services and solutions offer organisations evidence-based approaches to develop positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience in children and young people.

Partnering for Positive Sustainable Change

Our approach to developing a range of positive outcomes for children and young people is always underpinned by the promotion of wellbeing and the prevention of mental health problems. We have worked with partner organisations to meet priority outcomes in a range of areas, including children and young people’s mental illness, NEET prevention, crime prevention, youth and community and tackling physical inactivity in children and young and people. Organisations we have worked with include charities, social enterprises, youth sector, criminal justice, health sector, welfare to work sector and the voluntary and community sector.
Collaboration is one of our core organisational values and we are proud to work in partnership with a number of children and young people’s organisations nationally.

CLCH Academy, London
Form the Future, Cambridge
Future Active, South Leicestershire
Go-Getta, Charnwood
Healthwatch Dorset
Humber Outreach Programme

Targeted Support for Children and Young People's Organisations

We provide a range of evidence based support for children and young people's organisations.


Our fun and engaging resilience and wellbeing workshops and programmes give children and young people the opportunity to explore a variety of resources for supporting resilience and developing wellbeing.

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Our resilience and wellbeing coaching sessions for young people integrate positive psychology with developmental coaching psychology to provide robust evidence base proven to help prevent the development of mental health problems.

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Peer-to-Peer Support

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme enables you to establish and support an empowered team of young people that will be the leaders of wellbeing initiatives that provide early mental health support for their peers.

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Wellbeing Ambassadors Impact Report

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Our Training and Staff Development Programmes for Organisations

We work in partnership with children and young people's organisations supporting them to increase capacity to improve children and young people's wellbeing and resilience and prevent mental health problems.

Coach Training

Our online training enables practitioners who work with young people to utilise our positive psychology coaching approach in their work. Enabling them to effectively develop young people's wellbeing and resilience.

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Staff Training

Our online training for teams of practitioners. Increases their capacity to support student or children and young people's mental health and wellbeing through an practical approach to positive education.

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Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is integral to supporting children and young people's mental health and wellbeing. Our staff wellbeing coaching programme helps practitioners reduce stress and improve strategies for personal wellbeing.

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What Evidence Underpins Worth-it’s Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Positive Education

Positive education is the science of wellbeing applied through targeted positive education intervention programmes to help prevent mental health problems, through increasing resilience and promoting wellbeing.

Worth-it are a leading provider of Positive Education in the UK. We base all our programmes on the SEARCH Pathways to Wellbeing (Waters and Loton, 2019). SEARCH provides a proven and evidence-based framework that supports schools to plan implement, develop and embed sustainable approaches to developing whole school wellbeing.

Coaching Psychology

Coaching Psychology is the evidence-based approach to using coaching to improve wellbeing, performance, and success. We specialise in Positive Psychology Coaching (PPC) having pioneered both research and practice. PPC has been demonstrated to be effective in supporting the prevention of mental health problems in young people.

We train young people's organisations in our approach to coaching, enabling them to increase their capacity to provide early intervention and prevention, through the services they deliver. We believe in empowering organisations to take the practical tools, techniques and approaches to developing wellbeing and embed them in their service delivery.

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Coaching Young People Webinar Series

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Organisation Testimonials

“The training was so useful and I will find it really useful with the young people I work with.”

Emma Sharpe, Project Worker, The Children's Society

Programmes Developed For CYP Organisations

Coach Training

Train as a coach and support young people to develop resilience and wellbeing


Staff Wellbeing

Support your staff to develop strategies for personal and team wellbeing


Wellbeing Toolkit

Train your team to apply strategies for wellbeing with children and young people


Wellbeing Ambassadors

Help your young people support peer wellbeing


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Examples and Case Studies

Training a Team of Youth Coaches for Early Intervention Wales

The mental health and social change charity, Platfform, commissioned to deliver coach training to their staff in Autumn last year (2021). We trained a group of 12 Platfform team members over 8 weeks and have recently spoken with Sarah Hamilton, Young Person’s Project Manager at Platfform, to find out how the coach training has impacted the work they do.


Primary Resilience and Wellbeing Workshop Example

This example explores the impact of our Wellbeing and Resilience Workshops with children at Caldecote Primary in Leicester City. These workshops have been have been delivered as an ongoing mini programme of targeted prevention over the past two years.


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Supporting Trans Children and Young People at School

Trans children and young people are much more likely to experience mental health problems, awareness and understanding can change lives.

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How can a culture of wellbeing support autistic pupils?

How can schools and colleges can develop their ethos and culture of wellbeing to be more inclusive for pupils and students with autism.

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