Supporting pupils and students with wellbeing raises their resilience, helps them flourish and protects against mental health problems now and later in life.

Worth-it CIC are a positive education company. We develop and deliver innovative training and resources to support the wellbeing of young people and protect their mental health.  We’re thrilled to announce that St Helens Core Commissioning Group, in partnership with St Helens Local Authority and the Department for Education, have commissioned us to deliver a bespoke programme to support the wellbeing of children and young people in the St Helens school and college community. 

James Hardy-Pickering, Senior Transformation & Commissioning Manager, Children and Young People’s Mental Health, Children’s Integrated Commissioning Team, St. Helens Council commented:

“The Vulnerable Learners Group Consultation outcome highlighted that staff would like more support with practical skills when it comes to raising resilience for learners. And from general feedback from emails staff have said that they would like to have training and support on using tools to support and raise levels of resilience and wellbeing with learners.

“We chose Worth-it as their programmes are tailored to the need. The support plan they offer was also something that made worth-it stand out, that there is support during delivery of programmes, and the support continues afterwards into the next academic year with follow up workshops and support calls. This is what makes a programme successful, the support after the training so that the learning and tools can be effectively embedded.”

All schools in St Helens – primary, secondary and FE colleges – will be provided with a wellbeing toolkit including an online programme where participating members of staff can access a 5-hour online programme where they’ll learn more strategies for teaching wellbeing plus tips and ideas for embedding it as a consistent approach to supporting pupils mental health and wellbeing in their school or college. 

Implementing sustainable strategies for wellbeing in your school or other educational setting works as a prevention, supporting young people to build protective factors, increasing their resilience, and reducing risk of mental health problems.

Like all our courses this one, designed especially for schools and colleges in St Helens, includes easy-to-understand, user-friendly videos and lots of useful downloadable resources. The wellbeing toolkit can be worked through independently or people can choose to work through it in a group. We’ll be providing follow up workshop sessions and support that continue after the training has finished.

Taking part in the training will give people time together as professionals in the same locality and be a great way of people connecting with colleagues in other schools, building lasting communities and increasing their support network. 

As well as the Wellbeing Toolkit, secondary schools and FE colleges in St Helens will have access to a fully funded coach training course with online resources and live coaching sessions to practise their coaching skills, which they can then use to support the young people they work with. Coaching is an effective intervention which promotes good mental health and wellbeing. 

Liz Robson-Kelly, Founder and CEO of Worth-it comments:

“I’m delighted that Worth-it have been chosen to deliver this wellbeing course to support the children and young people of the St Helens region. Our training will help staff in primary and secondary schools, and FE colleges, to support the wellbeing of the children and young people they work with and develop sustainable strategies for wellbeing.”

Next Steps and Find Out More

We still have spaces available for St Helen's schools to access this fully-funded training. If you’re working in a local authority or academy school or college in St Helen’s, please get in touch.

For more information on Worth-it’s bespoke wellbeing training for schools, get in touch.

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