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Mental Health & Wellbeing Consultant - Jonny Baker | Worth-it

Jonny Baker


MEdPsychol (Psychology of Education), Dip (Hypnotherapy), MBPS, MBAThH

Jonny is an expert in coaching and training with young people. He has over nine years’ experience, working with over a thousand young people and youth workers to develop their confidence, communication, mental health and wellbeing. Many of whom were categorised as at risk, NEET, refugee, SEN and ESOL. In 2017 Jonny chaired the Mental Health in Schools Conference, representing Worth-it.

He also has fifteen years’ experience as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, helping people of all ages and backgrounds overcome addictions, phobias, anxiety, communication and relationship issues.

Jonny completed a Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Education at the Institute of Education (UCL), giving him a solid understanding of social, individual, linguistic, developmental and counselling Psychology. His final dissertation and research addressed the stress experienced by SENCos in UK schools. The learning from his MSc provides a strong foundation for every workshop and coaching session he delivers for Worth-it.

Jonny has numerous qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, up to the level of Advanced Master Practitioner, which give him the required communication skills to engage audiences and individuals (ranging from executives and educators to young people with highly challenging behaviour), helping them to change attitudes, thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Areas of expertise

  • Experienced training facilitator
  • Qualified grad. Psychologist
  • Qualified Coach
  • Communication specialist
  • At risk, NEET, SEN and ESOL specialist

Professional memberships

  • British Psychological Society
  • British Association of Therapeutic Hypnosis and NLP Practitioners

Passions and interests

Jonny is aware that the chips are down in our current world and that there is an urgent need to develop flourishing, resilient and responsible people to take positive action for the greater good. He is passionate about this interplay and interdependence of personal and social development. It is both his life’s purpose and greatest pleasure to maximise his impact in this area.


  • Baker, J. (2010). An exploratory Investigation of variables related to quality of working life and emotional exhaustion in a nationwide sample of Special Educational Needs Coordinators. Institute of Education, University College London. London, UK.

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