Worth-it are really excited to be taking part in this year’s national mental health and wellbeing festival, Now and Beyond on Inside Out Day. It’s a one-day event, held during Children’s Mental Health Week on 9th February 22. The festival is organised by the charity, Beyond, which formed in 2018 to support mental health and wellness in educational settings. As part of the festival, you’ll be able to access FREE wellbeing resources, including resources developed by Worth-it. We’ll be running workshop sessions on resilience, including positive outlook and confidence boosting, and focusing on proven positive psychology interventions.

Now and Beyond Inside Out Day for Mental Health in Education

The first-ever mental health and wellbeing festival was held last year on 3rd February to coincide with Inside Out Day, a day when people can choose to wear an item of clothing inside out as a way of helping people stop and think – an awareness campaign that aims to enable people to start talking about their mental health.

Louisa Rose, who was a Beyond youth board member at the time, developed the idea for a national health and wellbeing festival for the educational community.  Beyond hosted the Now and Beyond festival in response to the pandemic’s impact on an already urgent mental health crisis.

During the festival last year, Now and Beyond provided free mental health support and resources to half a million parents, students, and teachers. The festival was free of charge and every single person involved had volunteered their time to the day. It’s fantastic that the entire event was produced by Beyond’s youth board, meaning that young voices were at the heart of this pandemic response. Giving young people a voice and acting on their ideas not only develops strategies that speak to other young people but gives those individuals ownership, helps them feel valued and boosts their self-esteem.

Over 1200 schools took part in Now and Beyond 2021, over 900 have already registered this year, and you can still sign up to take part this year and gain access to the charity’s comprehensive list of mental health services.

Since the festival in February 2021, Beyond have created the UK's only online, location-based directory that connects educators with approved mental health and wellbeing providers specialising in children and young people (CYP). Services include hundreds of third sector organisations, government-funded organisations and independent facilitators.

Worth-it are proud to be working with Beyond, who offer an emergency pandemic relief grant scheme for educational settings desperate for immediate mental health support for their students but without the funds to bring in the right services.  They’ve launched the UK’s first online database of approved mental health and wellbeing providers for young people. You can apply for up to £4000 worth of provision from within their community of approved and vetted providers.

Worth-it are specialists in positive psychology, the science of wellbeing, and have over a decade of experience of delivering training and support in educational settings. We’re passionate about supporting the wellbeing of children and young people and reducing the risk of mental illness. We provide free live-streamed support calls every other Wednesday and regularly deliver free interactive webinars to share insights and tips on supporting the mental health of the children and young people you work with. Watch our YouTube Channel, join our Facebook group and sign up for our weekly newsletters for updates on all the support we offer.

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