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Lead Mental Health & Wellbeing Consultant - Claire Harrison | Worth-it

Claire Harrison


MA (Special and Inclusive Education), PGCert (Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology), QTS, Dip (Meditation and Mindfulness Instruction)

Claire is an experienced school leader with a specialism in the field of inclusion and additional needs. She has worked across all phases as well as in a number of settings; independent, specialist, comprehensive, single-sex and mixed. Since 2007 Claire has worked with young people who require intervention or additional support in order to overcome social, emotional, behavioural, or academic barriers to wellbeing and achievement. This has been achieved through roles which focussed on leadership and development of pastoral and vocational experiences for pupils as well as curriculum management, staff training and family support. She uses this experience alongside the skills gained through the study and practise of Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology and Mindfulness, to bring a toolkit of evidence-based strategies, and a holistic approach to positive mental health and wellbeing into schools.

Claire has delivered Positive Education programmes in over twenty schools in the South of England. She has worked directly with young people to foster resilience, positive mindsets and develop practical positive coping strategies. She has worked across whole school communities, training staff and supporting parents to establish and embed Positive Psychology as a way of being. Claire specialises in co-ordinating the triad of pupils, staff and families and working in a long-term partnership with schools to support the ongoing development of wellbeing.

Areas of expertise

  • Qualified teacher
  • Early intervention and prevention
  • Staff wellbeing and resilience
  • Coaching
  • Positive Psychology
  • Positive Education
  • SEN specialist
  • Parent support

Passions and interests

Claire is passionate about advocating for equality and positive mental health in different settings. She is fascinated by Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation and Neuroscience. Claire believes that a person’s external environment alongside their internal dialogue have a profound impact on their wellbeing, relationships and happiness.