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Introduction to Leading Whole School Mental Health & Wellbeing


Aimed at new-in-post senior mental health leads, this value-packed, free, pre-recorded workshop, walks you through advice, examples, and strategies to develop a whole school approach to positive mental health and wellbeing.

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Who this is for

School Pastoral Staff
School Senior Mental Health Leads
Pastoral Managers

Do you...

Want help and ideas for where to start developing the wellbeing of your school for pupils and staff?
Feel overwhelmed by a lot of the information about developing wellbeing in your school?
Find developing Mental Health and Wellbeing of young people is becoming even more of a priority for your school or setting?
Want to gain some insights from other Senior Mental Health Leads?
Feel you need help and ideas for where to start developing the wellbeing of your school for pupils and staff?

How do you know this is right for you?

You are starting to explore developing whole school mental health and wellbeing and are feeling overwhelmed or confused by the amount of choice available to you. This workshop is for newly appointed senior mental health leads (SMHLs) or schools thinking about developing whole school wellbeing. Watching this session will  provide you with some practical tips and advice on getting started.

Worth-it is a DfE assured provider of SMHL training. This workshop introduces our underpinning evidence-based approach to developing school positive mental health and wellbeing. We share practical examples of how these frameworks are applied in practice and how they support the development of pupil and whole school wellbeing.

During the workshop you will hear from other SMHLs, who share their reflections and ideas on how the frameworks for wellbeing apply to them in their schools and roles.

Here are one past attendee's reflections:

Well structured evidence-based information. Very practical and thought provoking advice to help get started on whole school mental health and wellbeing.

What will you gain?

A wider understanding of wellbeing and how to deliver this across your school or setting
Confidence and awareness to know where and how to start developing wellbeing and what ‘good’ looks like in your school
Learnings from practice examples of other schools that have developed positive mental health and wellbeing
Information about strategies and approaches proven to develop mental health and wellbeing with pupils and as a whole school
Awareness of effective approaches, saving you time and energy in planning and research
Clarification on what's important and where to start

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