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Coaching Discovery Workshop

12th October 2021 4-5pm

In this value-packed online workshop, you will be walked through evidence based coaching advice, examples, and strategies. The aim is to develop your awareness of positive psychology coaching and how it can help young people develop resilience and wellbeing.

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Who this is for

School Pastoral Staff
Youth or Support Workers
Anyone working with young people (13-19yo), directly supporting the development of wellbeing and resilience
School Senior Mental Health Leads
Senior Leadership Team

Do you...

Feel concerned that the young people you support are facing many challenging situations and they don't have the skills to cope. You feel they are at risk of more severe mental health problems developing.
Want to find out about a coaching and how it can help the young people you work with?
Want to use effective ways that you know will help the young people develop resilience?
Want to feel more able to support young people develop resilience and mental wellbeing?
Feel very worried and concerned about the wellbeing and mental health of the young people you support?

How do you know this is right for you?

What will you gain?

Insights into how a coaching approach can make your intervention effective and our top tips and strategies for utilising a coaching approach in your intervention.
Build awareness of how you can use coaching techniques in your work with the young people you work with.
Learn how coaching has helped young people improve wellbeing and reduce mental health problems.
Identify the top priorities for an effective approach to using coaching with young people.
Be introduced to the practical steps you can take to identify young people in need of coaching earlier and prevent the onset of more serious mental health problems.
Discover how coaching enables the development of resilience in young people.
Be introduced to our approach to using coaching for the development of wellbeing.
Gain insight into our leading evidence-based approach to coaching young people to develop wellbeing and resilience.

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