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Whole School Wellbeing Example- Free Mini Course


This free example course, for School Leaders and Senior School Mental Health Leads, shares an example of what whole school wellbeing can look like in practice, inspiring you start developing your whole school approach to positive mental health and wellbeing.

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Who this is for

School Pastoral Staff
Parents and Carers

Do you...

Want to learn from experienced peers?
Want help and ideas for where to start developing the wellbeing of your school for pupils and staff?
Feel overwhelmed by a lot of the information about developing wellbeing in your school?
Find yourself looking for ways to increase capacity to support pupil mental health and wellbeing within your school or setting?
Find developing Mental Health and Wellbeing of young people is becoming even more of a priority for your school or setting?
Feel you need help and ideas for where to start developing the wellbeing of your school for pupils and staff?

How do you know this is right for you?

If you have found it hard to get started with the development of mental health and wellbeing initiatives in your setting, we encourage you to access this free taster course. It will give you practical pointers and real-life stories and examples from a school you can relate to. Hear how these experienced school mental health leads and school leaders successfully developed and embedded school positive health and wellbeing in their setting and grab their insights!

What will you gain?

Clear next steps, or starting point, that you can put into action, which suits your school, staff and pupil needs.
Practical examples of what whole school wellbeing looks and feels like for staff, children and young people.
Introduction to an evidence-informed framework to develop and embed whole school wellbeing
Insights into positive school mental health and wellbeing, so you feel reassured in your role and remit as a School Mental Health Lead or School Leader
Awareness of effective approaches, saving you time and energy in planning and research

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