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Whole School Wellbeing

A whole school approach to wellbeing is recognised as the best practice method of improving mental health within the school enviornment.

We have gained extensive practical knowledge to support schools with effective evidence informed strategies to develop wellbeing. We have we collaborated with hundreds of schools, both primary and secondary across the UK. We provide a menu of services that include coaching, consultancy, training, evaluations and interventions, all of which improve the wellbeing of pupils, staff, teachers and the whole school community.

Tailored Approach

We work with schools to develop tailored programmes and packages of support to develop their whole school approach to wellbeing. Our team of Wellbeing consultants provide coaching and consulting with school leaders to support them develop, implement and embed a sustainable wellbeing strategy.

To support you to implement your whole school wellbeing strategy, our team provide Inset sessions, staff wellbeing workshops, twilight sessions and team coaching. We provide a range of training programmes to upskill school staff and teachers to utilise skills which improve wellbeing and resilience. We also provide a range of pupil interventions that offer targeted approaches to specific groups of pupils.

We offer pick and mix approach of our services that can be combined into a tailored programme to meet your school’s needs, aims and priorities.

Evidence Informed

All our work is informed by a robust evidence base which includes the application of wellbeing sciences, coaching psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience. These approaches are integrated with guidelines and recommendations from the government from the Department for Education, Department of Health, NICE, National Children’s Bureau and Public Health England.

Evaluation and Monitoring

We provide schools with extensive monitoring and evaluation to help them identify their starting points for developing their whole school approach to wellbeing. Our evaluation utiliises a range of methods such as pupil and staff interviews, review of policy and process and whole school wellbeing evaluation through our evidence based wellbeing surveys for pupils.

We provide follow up evaluations to allow you to demonstrate improved wellbeing levels and identify progress made.

Our Team

Our team of Wellbeing Consultants, coaches and trainers are all experienced and qualified to provide whole school wellbeing interventions. Once initial discussions have been made your school will be assigned a Wellbeing Coach who will develop and deliverer your school wellbeing programme along with other members of our team.

Benefits of a whole school approach

  • Improved wellbeing and resilience of whole school communities
  • Impoved school outcomes
  • Improves teaching and learning
  • Links with strategic school improvement plans
  • Reduction in mental health problems for pupils and staff
  • A sustainable approach which prevents mental health problems developing
  • Is and effective whole school approach to wellbeing  in line with Department for Education guidelines and recommendations
  • Recognised by Ofstead as best practice for school mental health support

Developing Your School Wellbeing Programme

Whole school wellbeing programmes are created through discussing with schools to understand the current mental health needs of a school, identify school wellbeing aims and outcomes. We then put together a proposal of our school wellbeing support offer. This is discussed with the school to ensure the best fit, taking into consideration time, budget, staffing and other school priorities. Plans are finalised and then work with the school commences.

We ensure we work in partnership with each school we work with to create a effective approach and a strategy that can be embedded and sustained to fit the schools’ priorities and impact positively on outcomes.

Our offer to schools is flexible, we have designed our wellbeing offer to be able to be built up piece by piece or as a whole school in depth development programme.

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