Mental health and wellbeing evaluation

Our evidence-informed measurement tools support the effective targeting and evaluation of wellbeing and resilience investments and interventions.

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Specialist areas of evaluation

Prevention Programmes

We use a range of wellbeing and resilience measures to evaluate prevention programmes, providing relevant data to understand the progress children and young people accessing programmes have made. Base-line and follow-up measures are reported to our funders and commissioners. Our evaluations can be used to support prevention in a number of priority areas including mental health, NEET, looked after children, homelessness, substance and alcohol misuse, criminal justice and physical health.


Our evaluations support the development of resilience by understanding the factors within individuals and organisational cultures that could have the biggest impact if strengthened. This insight provides an informed starting point for targeted interventions to improve resilience and prevent mental health problems developing.

Early Identification

Based on our underpinning research and evidence base, we have developed measurements and reporting processes that help identify early signs of mental health problems in children and young people. Our evaluations assess young people’s internal resources and assets of wellbeing and resilience to help identify earlier those who may be struggling with poor mental health. Our reports inform the development of prevention programmes by pinpointing strategic areas to target.

Leading School Mental Health

We have been working with schools to develop mental health and wellbeing for several years. We have developed our practical experience and knowledge into evaluations and reports to support school leaders and school mental health leads in developing whole school approaches to mental health and wellbeing.

Positive Education

Applied Positive Psychology within the field of education is known as Positive Education. We are leading providers of positive education tools and resources in the UK. Based on our research we have developed effective evaluation processes that can be incorporated into Positive Education programmes to monitor their effectiveness.

Whole School Mental Health

Our evaluations identify priority areas for progress in school wellbeing strategies. We conduct wellbeing and resilience evaluations at the level of the individual and whole school culture. Our reports inform and guide the school in developing tailored approaches to wellbeing that fit their needs and community.


We are keen to understand how the application of the learning gained through our training is improving the wellbeing of children and young people; to do this we have a robust approach to monitoring and evaluating our training programmes. Evaluation is conducted through a range of methods which can inform our commissioners’ and funders’ understanding of the sustainability of the skills and knowledge gained in our training and how they are being used to support children and young people to develop positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

Peer Support

Our evaluations have been an essential component of commissioned peer support programmes for early prevention of mental health problems in young people. Our young person led prevention programmes have used our evaluation processes and systems to provide early identification to target interventions, provide baseline data and monitor programme outcomes. Evaluation is a key part of our Wellbeing Ambassadors and Mental Health Champion peer support programmes.

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