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Wellbeing Workshops for Children

We provide a range of engaging workshops the develop the wellbeing and positive mental health of children.

Our wellbeing workshopd for primary aged children enable schools to ‘pick and mix’ the wellbeing sessions that best fit the needs of your pupils. Each session is one hour long and for a maximum of 15 pupils.

All children accessing the groups will be able to take away a resource that they have been working on during their session with us and can continue to use at school, home or during social play.

1 hour session

Who it’s for

  • Primary age groups
  • Primary Schools
  • Children’s organisations

Choose from the following sessions:

1.‘Esteem Booster’

This session will look at developing self esteem. Children will explore what is needed to help them be a more confident child and ways they can input their ideas, thoughts and opinions forward to others.  The session will build and develop peer support and positive feedback, which helps to boost their esteem moving forwards.

2.‘Bounce Back’

This session will explore what keeps people going when things are tough and how to develop resilience.  Children will explore times they have achieved something positive, how they did it and then how they can use resilience to help them in the future. They will be given the opportunity to think about future opportunities and identify how they can use their resilience to have them overcome challenges and achieve.

3.’Thinking For Myself’

This session will help children to start to think about how they can make a choice that is right for them. We will explore decisions they have made before and what the outcomes have been, and what they would do differently next time.

4. ‘My Character Strengths’

This session will enable children to explore what they are good at and times they have used their strengths to achieve.  They will explore how people see them and if they are showing them the strengths they want to have recognised.

5.’Assertive Me’

This session will help children explore and recognise character traits from different behaviour types including passive, aggressive and assertive.  We will explore how they feel they behave most of the time and what they can do to become more assertive.

These sessions can include an optional staff CPD.

If you’d like to book character development workshops for your school, contact us to find out more