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Wellbeing Ambassadors

This early intervention peer to peer support programme combines peer mentoring with coaching to develop positive mental health and wellbeing in young people.

Wellbeing Ambassadors is an evidence based, positive education programme that prevents the development of mental health problems through developing positive mental health through peer to peer support. The development of relationships along with social support from peers and social and school connectedness have been demonstrated to be essential elements for the mental wellbeing of young people and crucial to developing resilience.

Peer support is something young people identify as critical to the development of their mental health. The Department of Health (2015) also recognise that peer support provides an important opportunity to develop wellbeing within young people.  School based peer mentoring programmes have been associated with many positive outcomes including; improved behaviour, attendance, and attainment and reductions in negative behaviour and bullying.

Our peer to peer support programme is a robust training course and package of support, that trains young people in tools and strategies enabling them to effectively develop wellbeing and resilience in themselves and others.  Wellbeing Ambassador training enables young people to work within a structured wellbeing framework that supports their peers to develop resilience and confidence. The training focuses on developing their individual strengths, internal assests and resourses and self awareness essential for the development or wellbeing.

Benefits of the Wellbeing Ambassador Programme

  • We provide Wellbeing Ambassadors with practical coaching and mentoring techniques developed to support young people whilst improving confidence and motivation, learning how to improve wellbeing for themselves and peers.
  • Wellbeing Ambassadors gain valuable skills which can enhance their CV and higher education applications. They can use their experiences and improved self-awareness to enhance personal statements and as examples of accomplishments in interview situations.
  • Peer support has been proven to help young people who lack confidence, struggle to settle in at school or are feeling stressed about school work or exams. Difficulty with transitions such as progressing from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 can also be supported through peer to peer support projects.

Once trained the Wellbeing Ambassadors go on to run a range of young person led wellbeing projects, these could include; one to one peer support, peer mentoring, running transition drop in groups for younger peers, tackling specific issues such as exam stress or awareness raising or mental health anti stigma projects.

Who it’s for:


We have three Wellbeing Ambassador training package options

1: Wellbeing Ambassador Training and Coordinators Kit

We provide resources to set up and coordinate the programme in your school or organisation. A member of our team of expert trainers will deliver two days of training to your team of Wellbeing Ambassadors.

2: Wellbeing Ambassador Programme

In addition to training your ambassadors and providing resources, we provides support the to the school or organisation to deliver the programme through co-design with staff. We provide an in depth monitoring and evaluation process which identifies the outcomes  an impacts of the programme. We provide ongoing support to ensure the programme is a success and supports the tailored needs of the school or organisation, the Wellbeing Ambassadors and the peers they support.

3: Wellbeing Ambassador Train the Trainer Programme

Funded by East London NHS Foundation Trust and developed with Bedfordshire CAMHS, local authority and 6 Bedfordshire Secondary schools, following the DfE CAMHS school link pilots. We have developed the Wellbeing Ambassador programme into a train the trainer programme for practiotioners to be able to deliver the Wellbeing Ambassador programme in their own schools or organistaions. This provides a sustainable approach for commissioners such as MAT’s, local authority’s or NHS trusts or CCG’s.

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