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Coaching “At Risk” Young People Training

This two-day training course is designed to support your staff to improve the mental health and resilience of vulnerable young people they work with.

With 3 young people in every classroom experiencing mental health issues, we can no longer rely on the absence of symptoms or risk as an indicator for good wellbeing and it has become even more critical to help develop resilience and positive coping strategies in young people. This course is aimed at practitioners that are delivering direct work with young people who may be at risk of or struggling with poor mental health and a lack of resilience.

This training draws on positive psychology strategies proven to develop resilience and wellbeing in young people and applies them through effective coaching relationships, skills and processes. This integrated approach has been demonstrated to increase self-awareness, self-regulation, wellbeing and positive outcomes for vulnerable young people.

Developing resilience, positive mental health and wellbeing are critical for the prevention of mental health problems with young people who are vulnerable to a number of risks, providing a cost effective early intervention that has numerous positive outcomes in various domains of life such as school, employment, housing and health.

How long is it?

2 day training 

Who it’s for?

  • This course is aimed at practitioners that are delivering direct work with young people.
  • There is no pre-required level of learning or experience, this course is suitable for new or established practitioners.
  • This course is suitable for practitioners working in schools, MAT’s youth organisations, charities or social enterprises.

During the Course

  • Explore the underpinning skills and knowledge needed to effectively use coaching skills to develop mental health and resilience in young people.
  • Learn about effective coaching relationships and how to develop resilience through the coaching approach, skills and process.
  • Develop solution focused strategies that empower young people, enabling them to take ownership and accountability for their actions and outcomes.
  • Learn how to support young people to develop perspective, self-regulation, self-awareness and motivation find their own solutions to challenging situations. This leads to more recognisable resilience that can be harnessed to support young people achieve their potential.

Benefits of the course

By the end of the training you will

  • know how to apply a range of strategies and techniques that help vulnerable young people develop positive mental health
  • have tools and strategies to empower young people to build resilience, confidence and self-worth
  • gain knowledge of the coaching process, skills and relationship and how to work with vulnerable young people using this approach
  • have practiced and gained the confidence to embed coaching skills as part of your approach
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