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Taylah was born in Australia and has been living in the UK for the last three years. She recently made the move to London in April, 2021 after living in Edinburgh for two years. She loves the opportunity to be closer to the rest of the world, however misses the Aussie sunshine.

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Taylah has been teaching for the last five years and her career has seen her teacher in Australia, Scotland and England. During the pandemic, she created an online platform to help pupils cope with the changes of online learning. Liz Robson Kelly reached out to her via her online platform and that’s how her journey with Worth It started.

Taylah is a classroom and intervention teacher and has expert experience working with a diverse range of pupils. She prides herself on her ability to form meaningful relationships that make a positive, lasting impact on her pupils. Her experiences range from teaching in affluent areas, high deprivation areas and SEN schools where many training opportunities were provided. Nurture training, Autism training, dyslexia training, 1 in 5, inclusion training are just to name a few.


Qualified Teacher (Primary and Secondary)

Intervention Specialist (Literacy and Numeracy)

Nurture trained

Trauma training

Classroom SEN experience (autism, global delay, dyslexia, ODD, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, childhood



Taylah’s diverse range of experiences working in schools have allowed her to see a gap in the education system. She believes wholeheartedly that quality learning cannot take place if the foundations for positive mental health and wellbeing are not a priority. She gets a buzz from the difference she gets to make each and every day and wants to empower organisations to see the value in developing whole school wellbeing.

Taylah loves to see the world and has travelled to over 30 countries. She loves to hangout with her family and friends over coffee, dinners and having random adventures. She loves to attend casual dance classes and listens to music in her spare time.

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