Mental Health and Wellbeing Training and Workshops

Our evidence-based positive mental health training and workshops support practitioners to develop skills that build resilience and promote and protect the wellbeing of children and young people.


Specialist Areas of Training and Workshops

Coaching Skills

We train practitioners who work with children and young people to use coaching skills and a coaching approach in their work. We focus on using coaching for the prevention of mental health problems and improving practitioners' knowledge and ability to develop positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience.


Children and young people’s resilience can be enhanced through a range of implicit and explicit approaches. Our resilience training courses up-skill practitioners with skills and knowledge to boost resilience in children and young people.

Positive Mental Health

Our training and workshops up-skill practicioners to use tools, strategies and resources in practice, to develop children and young people's ability to effectively manage the challenges they face, improve their wellbeing and reduce mental health problems.


We are a leading provider of training in strengths-based approaches to developing wellbeing and positive mental health in children and young people. Our training and workshops integrate Positive Psychology models of strengths with coaching skills and approaches.

Positive Education

The application of Positive Psychology within the field of education is known as Positive Education. Our Positive Education training focuses on evidence-based approaches to building children and young people’s mental wellbeing and resilience within education settings.

Leading School Mental Health

We have extensive experience working with schools to develop mental health and wellbeing. We have turned our practical know-how and academic expertise into pioneering training courses that support practitioners to lead effective whole school approaches to mental health.

Whole School Wellbeing

Through our work with over 200 schools, we have developed training and workshops that support schools to develop whole school mental health and wellbeing. Our training programmes embed sustainable, evidence-based approaches that develop resilience and positive mental health, for the benefit of pupils, staff and the whole school community.


Through our extensive experience working with young people, we have developed training and workshops in skills for prevention, to tackle mental health challenges at an early stage. Our training and workshops for prevention develop sustainable resilience skills and resources, strategies for wellbeing and ways to promote positive mental health. 

Children’s Workforce Development

We provide training programmes and workshops that upskill the children’s workforce to develop positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience in young people. Our workforce development training/workshops are suitable for school staff, teachers, school nurses, youth workers, and the voluntary and community sector.

Staff/Teacher Wellbeing

The pressures and daily demands of working within the education and children's workforce can have a negative impact on practitioners' ability to support children and young people. Our workshops enable practitioners to improve their own wellbeing and reduce stress, helping to maintain a productive and stable education and children's workforce.

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