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Teacher Wellbeing Programme

This package of support for schools combines drop in wellbeing coaching sessions and twilight wellbeing CPD sessions for teachers and school staff.

Working in environments that support and educate children and young people are often very rewarding and exciting places to work. However, being a teacher or TA also demands high amounts of skill, personal resources and requires significant levels responsibility. This can cause teachers, TAs and support staff to feel pressurised, overwhelmed and unable to manage the demands of their role. This can negatively impact on their ability to cope with competing priorities, growing stress levels and ultimately their emotional and mental health. This has a negative effect not only on their work perfomance but also on the wellbeing of the puplis they are working with.

Worth-it offer drop in days of individual staff wellbeing coaching sessions for all levels of teaching or school staff. The coaching sessions provide resources for developing personal resilience, managing change and reducing stress levels. Outcomes of coaching result in improved work performance and positively impact on the support, education and outcomes of children and young people.

Who it’s for?

School leaders, teachers, teaching assistants and school staff…

  • who want to improve wellbeing
  • who want to effectively and pro-actively manage work related stress
  • who want to identify effective solutions to challenges they face
  • who want to improve work performance
  • who want to find effective ways to manage workloads and deal with pressures

Benefits of the Teacher Wellbeing Programme

  • Developing increased self-awareness, awareness of thinking patterns, associated feelings and behaviours enables you to respond differently to situations getting better results
  • Having a clear way forward, effective strategies and manageable next steps enables you to achieve goals
  • Developing a set of skills that can be used to support others to develop responsibility, confidence and initiative leading to a stronger team able to be progressive and creative
  • Realising and applying your strengths leads to greater work satisfaction and increased productivity

About the teacher wellbeing programme

Our coach will regularly provide wellbeing support in your school

How often are the sessions?

  • The programme is booked as an annual package of support
  • Our coach will deliver a day of drop in coaching once a term or half term, we can coach 6 people in one day
  • Email preparation and follow up support is provided  to staff who attend coaching sessions
  • We will provide a series of three 1.5 hour twilight staff wellbeing CPD sessions over an academic year for up to 15 people

During the coaching sessions

  • Sessions are conducted in confidence with a non-judgmental trained coach
  • Explore personal factors that are impacting on your wellbeing and performance
  • Find strategies and solutions that help you manage challenges you face

During the wellbeing twilight CPD sessions

  • Learn a range of  strategies that help you improve wellbeing
  • Discuss and learn with colleagues to develop positive peer relationships essential for wellbeing
  • Space and time to self-reflect and put into action ways to develop wellbeing
Interested in teacher wellbeing? Talk to us to find out more.