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School Resilience Programme

A whole school approach to mental health is recognised as the best practice method of addressing the mental health needs of children and young people within the school environment. Through extensive experience gained supporting mental health in schools, we have we collaborated with 25 schools, both primary and secondary, through NHS Future in Mind commisioning to develop the School Resilience Programme.
The School Resilience Programme is the first UK based large scale Positive Education Programme designed with and for UK schools, the NHS and leading national mental health and children’s charities.

Whole School Resilience

Our School Resilience Programme is a early intervention programme designed to prevent mental health problems developing in children and young people.  The whole school approach increases the resilience and emotional wellbeing of every individual within a school. The theory and practice behind the programme is drawn from a robut evidence base, comprising of government frameworks and guidelines combined with effective wellbeing science demonstrated to improve resilience and emotional wellbeing.

A Whole School Approach

The School Resilience Programme equips schools with a range of strategies, resources and interventions that become sustained over time to develop an ethos and culture of wellbeing and resilience that promotes wellbeing and prevents mental health problmes, suporting the whole school community now and in future.
Our approach fits within latest government guidelines and recommendations from the Department for Education, Department of Health, NICE, National Children’s Bureau and Public Health England.

1 Year -School development programme

Who’s it for

  • Commisoners of mental health problem prevention programmes
  • Commisoners who want to impact on mental health system transformation
  • Children and young people’s commisioners
  • GGC’s
  • NHS trusts
  • Local authories

During the programme

  • We work intensively with schools to develop sustainable approaches to wellbeing and resilience
  • We conduct evidence informed whole school monitoring and evaluation which will pinpoint starting points for developing culture of resilience
  • We provide mutli school training to in school staff  who will act as Resilience Champions responsible for embedding resilience schools.
  • We aapply evidence based wellbeing and resilience strategies that benefit a whole school and everyone in it

About the Whole School Programme

Whole school wellbeing strategies are created through working with school leadership teams to assess the current mental health needs of a school. This is done through inquiry into mental health and resilience within  each school to identify their unique starting point. The inquiry involves interviews with key staff members, an audit of policy and procedure, a snapshot evaluation of pupil’s resilience and wellbeing levels, a measure of school culture and gaining insight directly from the pupils in your school.

Following the inquiry phase, we provide an extensive Resilience Evaluation Report and feedback session which highlights good practice and recognises any gaps. Over the year we then coach and consult with school leaders and named champions to develop a strategy to implement a culture of mental health and wellbeing. We match the school needs and identified priorities through supporting the development of actions. Our team will provide regular training, workshops, coaching and consultancy sessions throughout the year, ensuring momentum and progress are maintained in embedding your whole school approach to resilience and wellbeing.

The programme also provides a three-day training course in developing whole school resilience, training staff in evidence based strategies from positive psychology and positive education. The knowledge gained from the training can then be applied within the whole school, year groups or classrooms to create targeted interventions that can be applied with groups or individual pupils, parents or staff.

At the end of the project we provide a follow up evaluation of pupils’ wellbeing, resilience and school culture to highlight the impacts of the programme. This robust report demonstrates the positive impact of the changes you have made contributing to local mental health service transformation.

We ensure we work in partnership with each school to create a effective approach and a strategy that can be embedded and sustained to fit the schools’ mental health needs.

Benefits of the Programme

  • Improved wellbeing and resilience of whole school communities
  • Reduction in mental health problems
  • A sustainable approach which prevents mental health problems developing in children and young people
  • Effective whole school approach to mental health in line with Government guidelines and recommendations
  • Provide effective early prevention and link into other CAMHS services
  • Contribute to local children and adolecent mental heath service transformation
We encourage all schools to continue to develop whole school approaches to promoting mental health and wellbeing.
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