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Resilience Workshops

We offer specialist resilience support for young people and secondary school children

Worth-it provide group resilience training, workshops and coaching sessions for secondary school children and young people aged 13+. We support them to learn strategies that reduce mental health problems and improve overall mental wellbeing and resilience to achieve positive outcomes.

Resilience Support Workshops

The young people will access targeted support from one of our trained Facilitators, who run one resilience workshop of or a series of regular group work sessions. During these sessions, they will receive an effective resilience programme tailored to them in line with the needs of the school or organisation.  The Facilitator will coach them through a process where they will learn to learn self-help strategies, develop tools for positive mental health and gain internal resources that contribute to them being resilient and improving their mental wellbeing.

Positive outcomes for young people accessing our workshops include; Improved confidence and work towards overcoming issues such as isolation whilst developing skills that build positive peer relationships. The ablilty to better regulate and control their reactions, being better able ask for help and the redution of negative coping strategies they have previously relied on (which can include avoiding school, self-harming or substance misuse).

Who is it for?

  • Young people aged 13+

What are the benefits of building resilience through workshops and support?

  • Improved attendance levels
  • Better relationships with peers, staff and family
  • Increased engagement in learning
  • Increased self help strategies used
  • More resourceful in difficult situations
  • Self-regulation and management of emotions
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced high risk behaviours

Resilience Training and Presentations

Worth-it provide a range of  presentations or resilience building training sessions for young people which suport young people to develop resilience stratagies that improve wellbeing and help prevent mental health problems.

Our training sessions for young people are taliored to the school, organistaion or groups needs and draw on a range of positive pyschology and coaching approaches proven to promote positive mental health and prevent mental illness in young people.

If you are looking for a resilience workshop, training session or a small group resilience intervenion for young people, as part of an approach to wellbeing and resilience you are developing contact us to see how we can help you.

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