School Wellbeing Consultancy Package

£395.00 + VAT

This consultancy package has been developed to provide effective remote support to schools, enabling them to build school-wide wellbeing. Our consultancy integrates the theory and literature from positive and organisational psychology with the latest government guidelines and recommendations on effective ways to develop school mental health and wellbeing.



This package will support you to identify your priorities and key areas for developing school mental health and wellbeing. Supporting you to provide effective support to the most vulnerable pupils as well as implementing effective wellbeing strategies that promote wellbeing for all pupils. Our approach also promotes staff wellbeing and the understanding of how this is an essential component in supporting pupil and school wellbeing.

Our Consultant will support you in developing your school-wide approach to wellbeing. Our consultancy package provides theory, tools, and strategies to support your school to implement wellbeing initiatives that build on what you are already doing well, to make a significant difference to your pupils and staff. You will be left with a clear vision and way forward for developing wellbeing in your school.

What’s involved?

  • Online webinar training in our ‘Whole School System for Positive Mental Health’, exploring the theory behind our approach
  • School Wellbeing Assessment and Diagnostic Tool
  • 90-minute phone/video coaching call with one of our experienced Consultants. This can be attended by one or a team of school leaders. During this session you will:
    • Review and discuss the Wellbeing Assessment that you have completed and returned to the Consultant prior to the session
    • Map your school’s current effective practice in supporting pupil wellbeing and positive mental health
    • Identify key priorities for supporting pupil wellbeing and positive mental health
    • Set an action plan, establishing a clear way forward for your school’s wellbeing

About Our Consultants

You will be matched with a Consultant that fits your school, based on location, type of school or relevant practical experience. To find out more about our team of Consultants click here.