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Parents Wellbeing Workshop

We provide workshops for parents that develops their own or their children’s wellbeing.

Our Workshops for Parents are designed to give parents the space needed to reflect on family life and support them with tools and strategies to build their children’s resilience and improve emotional wellbeing.   

Who it’s for

  • Parents

Workshop Content

Key elements that we explore on the workshop include:

  • Effective communication
  • How to build positive relationships
  • Managing anxiety and stress
  • Understanding adolescent brain development
  • Responsibility and ownership

Benefits of the Workshop

Parents learn and develop new methods and ways of thinking to help them move forward and overcome difficulties they may be facing with their child.

The programme will arm them with new coaching tools and techniques, helping you to grow in confidence as a parent and are able to promote their child’s wellbeing.

The programme helps parents gain strength and understanding of how to support their children through challenges, develop an understanding of the communication behind behaviour and reframe problems into possible solutions or opportunities for development.

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