Mental health and wellbeing consultancy

Our positive and collaborative consultancy empowers leaders to develop effective mental health and wellbeing strategies and programmes for children and young people.


Specialist areas of consultancy


Our team of consultants has extensive experience working with young people to prevent mental health problems developing. We work with organisations to develop evidence-based approaches to prevention and strategies to develop wellbeing that build the sustainable skills and resources of resilience and promote positive mental health.


Explicit and implicit approaches can have a major impact in developing aspects of resilience in children and young people. Our team of Consultants support organisations and teams to develop strategies, programmes, training or workshops that utilise a raft of evidence-based methods to cultivate resilience in children and young people.

Positive Mental Health

Our consultants support the development of positive mental health in children and young people. We support organistaions to employ strategies, tools and resources that build children and young people’s ability to effectively manage the challenges they face, helping to improve their wellbeing and reduce mental health problems.


We are leaders in developing strengths-based approaches in collaboration with a wide-range of organisations including local authorities, the NHS, social care providers, education settings, and voluntary sector organisations. With a grounding in Positive Psychology, our team of consultants work with organiastions to develop suitable strengths-based approaches that contribute to an array of positive outcomes including prevention of mental health problems and social issues such as homlesness, poverty, crime and worklessness.

Positive Education

Applied Positive Psychology within the field of education is known as Positive Education. Our Positive Education Consultants are leading experts in the UK. Our approach to Positive Education, specifically developed for the UK, focuses on solutions for prevention of mental health problems in children and young people by building their resilience and promoting mental health and wellbeing.

Leading School Mental Health

With experience working with schools to develop mental health and wellbeing, our Consultants combine their expertise and practical know-how to support leaders with responsibility for mental health in their school. Loaded with best-practice examples for inspiration, our consultants will support you to develop effective strategies based on the setting’s unique challenges and goals.

Whole School Mental Health and Wellbeing

Working with our expert School Wellbeing Consultants, ensures your school will gain the support and knowledge required to help you build a sustainable approach to wellbeing, resilience and mental health for your whole school. Our Consultants work with Headteachers, senior leaders, and key staff members to develop whole school mental health and wellbeing programmes. These can include strategy development and implementation, school improvement planning, twilight sessions, inset days, coaching sessions and pupil programme design.

Positive Psychology

Our team of Masters Level qualified Positive Psychology practitioners provide consultancy to a range of organisations, supporting the development of sustainable approaches to wellbeing, resilience and mental health. Our primary focus is the prevention of mental health problems in children and young people through the use of positive psychology. This touches a number of related areas including housing and homelessness, parenting, fostering and adoption, charities and social enterprises, health and social care, community and third sector and the education sector.

Children’s Workforce Development

Our consultants have developed extensive training and development programmes for upskilling the children’s workforce to develop positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience in children and young people. Working with our team of consultants supports organisations such as the NHS, local authorities, education settings and community organisations by improving the capacity and capability of the workforce to support the development of mental health and wellbeing and prevent mental health problems developing.

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