Mental health and wellbeing coaching

Our empowering coaching solutions support the development of mental health, wellbeing and resilience in individuals and organisations.


Specialist areas of coaching

Teacher Wellbeing

We offer staff wellbeing coaching sessions for all levels of teaching or school staff. The coaching sessions provide resources for developing personal resilience, managing change and reducing stress levels. Outcomes of coaching result in improved work performance and positively impact the support, education and outcomes of children and young people.

Children’s Workforce Wellbeing

Our team of coaches support the children’s workforce to effectively manage challenges, stress and workload associated with supporting children and young people. Helping practitioners maintain their own levels of wellbeing and promoting positive mental health and resilience, our coaching support sessions increase capacity to effectively support children and young people in a range of challenging situations.


Based on our underpinning evidence-based approach and experience coaching over 1,000 young people to prevent mental health problems developing, we have developed our own approach to prevention combining coaching with positive psychology. Through using coaching we support young people to develop sustainable skills and resources of resilience, strategies to develop wellbeing and ways to promote positive mental health. We now support organisations to develop coaching programmes as part of prevention and early intervention programmes.


We are leaders in developing and providing strengths coaching approaches based on Positive Psychology. Our team work with organisations supporting children and young people to develop suitable strengths coaching programmes that provide a number of positive outcomes including prevention of mental health problems and social issues such as NEET, homelessness, poverty, crime and worklessness.


Our coaching approach supports the development of resilience implicitly and explicitly through the process of coaching, the coaching relationship and coaching skills. Our team of expert coaches, consultants and trainers work with organisations to develop coaching programmes, coaching skills training and coaching workshops that develop resilience in children and young people.

Positive Psychology Coaching

Our team of Masters Level qualified Positive Psychology Practitioners are at the forefront of integrating coaching and positive psychology to develop wellbeing and prevent mental health problems. We integrate coaching with positive psychology to develop sustainable approaches to wellbeing, resilience and mental health.

Leading School Mental Health

We have been working with schools to develop mental health and wellbeing for several years. As part of our support for schools we provide coaching to school leaders, pastoral managers and staff, to support them to lead and develop whole school approaches to mental health, and develop intervention and prevention programmes to effectively support pupils and staff.


We work with organisations that support parents and carers through providing coaching programmes or training in coaching skills. Our parents coaching approach builds confidence and resilience in both the parent and child, contributing to the overall improvement of family wellbeing and leading to a happier, healthier future for both parents and their children.

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