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FIRST Early Intervention Programme

FIRST is an targeted early intervention programme that reduces common mental health problems in young people.

FIRST is our original co-produced, resilience, group work programme specifically targeted at improving the mental wellbeing of at risk young people. It is the only early intervention, positive education programme integrating coaching psychology and positive psychology developed with and for vulnerable young people in the UK.  The programme has been evidenced to increase self-regulation, confidence, communication skills, resilience capabilities and wellbeing.

The FIRST programme is available as a Licenced train the trainer package and resource toolkit and is delivered nationally by partner organisations such as CCG’s NHS Trusts, local authorities, charities and social enterprises.

FIRST combines interactive group work sessions with an engaging workbook and resource toolkit for young people. The programme is supported by robust monitoring and evaluation of internal capabilities of wellbeing and resilience. This helps tailor and target the intervention to effectively meet young people’s needs.

Who it’s for

  • The programme is targated at young people aged 13-17 who are at risk of developing mental health problems. This programme has been developed with the young people themselves.
  • Our FIRST programmes have been a huge success in helping ‘at risk’ vulnerable young people build resilience and improve wellbeing. One of the huge benefits of our FIRST programme is that it has proven to decrease levels of stress, depression and anxiety to below clinical levels.

Programme Content

  • FIRST is an interactive positive education group programme that uses positive psychology and evidence based coaching techniques to support vulnerable young people; through helping them develop positive coping strategies.
  • The programme also aims to help young people manage areas such as self harm, depression, low self esteem, stress, anxiety and negative thinking.
  • Extensive monitoring and evaluation with analyisis and reporting to evidence the effectivness of the intervention.

Benefits of the Programme

The young people that attend the groups gain:

  • improved perception of themselves and of others
  • improved self-awareness
  • develop the ability to use positive thinking skills
  • improved communication skills
  • skills to maintain more positive relationships
  • improved wellbeing

Overall, these skills reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression and prevent the onset of mental health problems.

Train the Trainer

FIRST has been developed into an effective and engaging train the trainer programme. This programme provides practitioners with a toolkit of resilience and group work interventions that develop the wellbeing of vulnerable young people while preventing the development of mental health problems earlier.

The train the trainer programme consists of;

  • 4 days of in-depth training based on our evidence-based approach to positive education.
  • Materials and strategies be able to effectively deliver a 6-week programme of 12 hours of group work programme as well as engagement and follow up one to one support sessions.
  • A FIRST facilitator’s toolkit, including cards, games and activities to use with young people.
  • A set of young people’s FIRST workbooks which they can keep and use as a self-help resource following the programme.
  • A programme resilience and wellbeing evaluation to target and monitor the effectiveness of the programme.
  • Ongoing support, training and mentoring from our team of expert coaches and trainers.
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