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Mental Health Early Intervention Services

We offer specialised early intervention support to help improve mental health, wellbeing and resilience in children and young people.

Our motivation to provide early intervention is due to the fact that the number of children and young people developing or experiencing mental health problems has significantly increased in recent years. Research in the UK informs us that at least 1 in 10 children and young people have a diagnosable mental health problem. This has an impact on future opportunities, exam results, school attendance, relationships, economic input and self-worth. Not taking action will only lead to a higher number of children and young people needing support now and in future.

Worth-it was established in 2011 to tackle this issue. We are leading providers of early prevention for children and young people’s mental health problems. We have a proven seven-year track record of preventing mental health problems through increasing wellbeing and developing positive mental health in children and young people. We work in schools, the community or with partner organistions.

As well as directly preventing mental health problems in educational settings, we provide early prevention programmes within the sectors of unemployment prevention, NEET prevention and crime prevention, as these areas are associated with the development of mental health problems. Working within these sectors to improve wellbeing reduces the development of other social problems and disadvantage such as poverty, unemployment, homelessness and criminality.

Preventing Mental Health Problems Children and Young People

We provide a range of interventions, programmes and resources that improve the resilience, positive mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. In applying our approach through a range of methods we provide effective and evidence based solutions that prevent mental health problems developing and imporve wellbeing. This is associated with positive outcomes which benefit sectors such as health, education, criminal justice and employment.

Children and Young People’s Voice Led

Working collaboratively with children and young people has enabled us to build a clear understanding of the difficulties they face and are contributing to poor mental health and symptoms of mental illness. This knowledge has enabled us to ensure that our interventions are accessible and available in schools, community and places they go or with people they work with.

We know children and young people need strategies that work and that enable them to help themselves improve wellbeing. All our interventions are designed to do exactly that. Children and young people accessing our support are empowered and feel confident and able to continue using strategies, skills and knowledge they have learned, even long after they have completed our interventions.

Direct and Indirect Interventions

Our direct interventions provide  small group sessions and larger resilience and wellbeing workshops for children and young people. Our indirect interventions provide training, coaching, consultancy and support to organisations that directly support children and young people to devlop wellbeing and resilience and prevent many social problems. These include as schools, colleges, health, youth, community, third sector and welfare to work.

Whole School Approaches to Preventing Mental Health Problems

Whole school approaches to mental health are one of the most effective ways of preventing mental health problems developing. We specialise in working with schools to develop whole school early intervention programmes that improve wellbeing and develop resilience. Commisioned by CCG’s and as part of Future in Mind local transformation, we have worked in collaboration with 20 schools, the NHS and national charities to develop our School Resilience Programme. Our multi school, large scale mental health early intervention programme, trains school mental health leads and equips schools with sustainable strategies that imporve the wellbeing of whole school communities.

Resources, Toolkits and Training

An effective and achievable way to increase the capacity to support children and young people prevent mental health problems is through developing the workforce. We believe in upskilling practitioners to increase skills, strategies and resources that positively impact on children and young people’s wellbeing. We have created several training packages, toolkits and resources, that offer a range of strategies to use with children and young people that improve their wellbeing and increase resilience.

Targeted Intervention Programmes

We work collaboratively with organisations and schools to provide targeted early intervention programmes for young people at risk of developing mental health problems. We have developed a peer support programme that improves wellbeing of young people. We have developed and provided and many targeted early intervention programmes for funders and commissioners that include: Children in Need, Awards for All, Sport England, Job Center Plus, Office for the Police Crime Commissioner, Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, CAMHS, Housing Associations, schools and third sector organisations.

Parents Wellbeing Support

With an increase in the number of children and young people experiencing mental health problems we know that many parents feel confused and frustrated that there is not something more they can do so to support their child. We have designed our support for parents to help them develop skills and feel confident to better support their children to develop resilience and emotional health. We provide workshops to help parents learn strategies that support their child who may be experiencing poor mental health.

Evaluation and Monitoring

We use a range of before and after measures to evaluate our support services. This gives us an opportunity to understand the progress the people we support have made. All our interventions are measured for their effectiveness, this helps us continue to ensure positive outcomes for children and young people. We use these measurements to provide impact reports for our funders and commissioners as well as monitoring quality and continuing to innovate our services.

About Our Team

Our support is delivered by our experienced team of Wellbeing Consultants, Coaches, Key Workers and Trainers. Our delivery team all have a wealth of experience and qualifications gained from a range of backgrounds including positive psychology, coaching, youth work and education. Our team are all passionate about supporting people to develop and improve their resilience, wellbeing and mental health.

Get in touch

If you are interested in any of our interventions or would like to collaborate with us to develop an intervention that prevents mental health problems in children and young people, please contact us today.


Since doing the FIRST programme I am being honest with myself and everyone else, also I gained a lot of confidence. I have been coming into school.
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