Peer Mentoring for Pupil Mental Health

Worth-it is excited to announce we have been collaborating with Bedford CAMHS and 6 secondary schools to deliver our school-based wellbeing peer mentoring programme, Wellbeing Ambassadors. The Wellbeing Ambassadors programme provides a unique opportunity to apply evidence-based techniques and strategies that improve wellbeing, through peer to peer support. The programme combines several highly effective approaches proven to improve the wellbeing … Read More

5 Steps for Developing Wellbeing in Your School

Over the past few years, there has been a growing crisis within children’s and young people’s mental health. The most up to date national prevalence survey conducted last year suggests that 1 in 8 children or young people have a diagnosable mental health disorder.  However, it is likely that mental health problems for children and young people are more likely … Read More

Character Education for Positive Mental Health

Character Education in Primary Schools Character education in primary schools is about helping children to understand what is morally important in certain situations and to act for the right reasons. There is an emphasis on the need to decide what kind of person they wish to become, learn to choose between alternative courses of action or to find new ones. … Read More