Revision of the VIA-Youth UK

Worth-it is excited to announce that we have been chosen as the VIA Institute’s UK partner for the revalidation of the VIA-Youth. We will be supporting UK schools to take part in the research study being conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University in the USA. For more information about VIA click About the VIA-Youth survey The VIA-Youth Survey of Character … Read More

The benefits of applying character strengths in schools

The benefits of applying character strengths in schools Every person has a combination of 24 character strengths and if developed correctly can have a significant positive impact on their lives. Research has shown that using your character strengths can help to protect against, manage and overcome problems, improve relationships and enhance health, & well-being. Character strengths can be nurtured and … Read More

Character Education for Positive Mental Health

Character Education in Primary Schools Character education in primary schools is about helping children to understand what is morally important in certain situations and to act for the right reasons. There is an emphasis on the need to decide what kind of person they wish to become, learn to choose between alternative courses of action or to find new ones. … Read More