Providing Support for Pupil Wellbeing and Mental Health during COVID-19

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19th May 2020

The Department for Education has suggested that schools plan for the increased mental health and wellbeing needs of pupils that have arisen as a result of the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although prioritising pupil mental health is highly important, we know that this can create additional tasks for schools who are already facing many challenges in ensuring the ongoing education and support of their pupils during this time of uncertainty and change.

At Worth-it, we have supported thousands of children and young people develop strategies for positive mental health, wellbeing, and resilience to manage change for the past eight years. We have developed a menu of support for schools to increase their capacity to provide wellbeing and mental health support to their pupils. We are here to help schools we already work with as well as new schools to provide effective support for pupil wellbeing. 

Why prioritise pupil wellbeing now?

We know there are already many things for schools to focus on to ensure pupils remain engaged in learning; so why focus or invest in pupil wellbeing as a priority.

  • Supporting pupil wellbeing is essential in protecting against the negative impacts of COVID-19.
  • A focus on wellbeing provides children and young people strategies that help them be resilient during these current times of challenge, change and adversity.
  • A focus on wellbeing cultivates positive coping strategies that can be drawn upon in day to day challenges.
  • Wellbeing helps mitigate the impact of stress.
  • Developing wellbeing also helps children and young people maintain positive coping strategies that they can draw upon when they do return to school and help them through transitions. 
  • Developing wellbeing equips children and young people with strategies do develop and maintain positive relationships. These can be with family or with peer groups. 
  • Evidence confirms that supporting and developing mental wellbeing enables pupils to engage in effective learning, which we know has seen massive disruptions. 

How Worth-it supports schools develop pupil mental health and wellbeing

Our range of pupil wellbeing support can be provided at a universal or targeted level. Providing support for all pupils or targeted groups of young people who may be struggling more than others. Our wellbeing support can be delivered remotely through coaching or online workshop facilitation or in-house when things return to ‘normal’! 

Wellbeing lessons for pupils to cope with COVID-19

Our Resilience and Wellbeing workshops for pupils provide a range of personal and psychological resources that help cultivate strategies for positive mental health.  These workshops can be delivered to whole year groups such as the specific groups of years 6, 10 and 12, or to targeted groups of vulnerable young people.

Workshops provide effective wellbeing lessons based on developing Psychological Capital (PsyCap). PsyCap combines the key psychological resources for wellbeing of Hope, (Self) Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism (HERO), that when combined are more effective than when developed alone. 

Delivered by our team of trained experts, these HERO workshops empower children and young people to explore a range of practical strategies helpful for managing day-to-day challenges caused by the impact of Covid19. Supporting them develop a range of personal strategies that they can use to support their mental health and wellbeing. 

building resilience through HERO to develop mental health in children

One-to-One Support for Targeted Young People impacted by COVID19 

Our Resilience coaching for young people gives schools the opportunity to offer one-to-one mental health support sessions for young people aged 13 and older. These sessions help young people build resilience and overall mental wellbeing. Doing this supports them to develop a range of wellbeing strategies that help them manage change, challenges and adversity.

We work with schools to plan a suitable coaching programme of one-to-one sessions. These are delivered remotely by a trained and experienced coach. Our coaches encourage and support young people to increase self-awareness, develop positive coping strategies, build resilience, and effectively manage change and additional pressures. They also help young people to engage in positive learning activities and increase levels of confidence.

coaching for young people and children in schools to develop mental health

Coaching can be provided to targeted year groups such as year 10 or 12, or to individual pupils who may be struggling.  Overall, the coaching will help young people develop resilience, re-engage in learning and prepare for the next academic year. 

Increasing staff capacity to support pupil mental health and wellbeing 

Pupil mental health and wellbeing can be effectively developed through supporting teachers and school staff increase their capacity to develop strategies for wellbeing and resilience. Wellbeing is maintained and developed through daily interactions and positive relationships between staff and pupils.

We provide training in strategies to support pupil mental health and wellbeing. In order to effectively support pupil wellbeing, teachers’ must first ensure that they are maintaining and managing their own wellbeing levels. This is essential to support them to manage change and uncertainly caused by COVID-19. We have developed a range of wellbeing training and coaching support for staff wellbeing.

Our training and individual or group coaching can be delivered online, empowering your team to feel confident and capable to support pupils with their mental health needs

Supporting schools with pupil mental health

We are here to help. Having worked with over 170 schools in the last two years, we have supported them by delivering a range of positive mental health and wellbeing programmes and interventions. 

We can help you, please get in touch to arrange a brief assessment with one of our expert consultants and discuss your school’s individual needs and how we can support your school and staff effectively manage the impact that COVID-19 is having on your pupils and school.

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