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Liz Robson-Kelly MAPPCP Managing Director Worth-it

Liz is a leading positive psychology practitioner and practice based researcher, specialising in improving wellbeing and resilience for children and young people.

Liz has used her skills, knowledge and research to develop several pioneering approaches to improving mental wellbeing to prevent the development of mental illness in children and young people. Liz is at the forefront of developing whole school wellbeing in the UK. Through her organistion she has enabled over 40,000 children and young people to gain skills and strategies that imporve wellbeing and resilience.

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Liz Robson-Kelly’s Positive Psychology Research

Liz is at the forefront of researching Positive Psychology within education, children and young people. Liz is one of the first co-horts in the world qualified to master’s level in both Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology. Liz’s academic knowledge underpins the evidence based approach of Worth-it. She is a member of the association for coaching, International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) and International Positive Education Network (IPEN). She is also involved in establishing the European Positive Psychology Network

Liz is the only researcher in the world researching how the integration of coaching and positive psychology can prevent mental health problems in at risk young people. Her ground-breaking study “What does coaching have to offer to young people at risk of developing mental health problems? A grounded theory study” Was published in the International Coaching Psychology Review in March 2016.

Her current research projects include ‘whole school approaches to developing resilience and emotional wellbeing’, ‘wellbeing ambassadors, integrating coaching, positive psychology and peer support with young people to prevent mental health problems’, ‘second wave positive education’, and ‘integrating coaching and positive psychology to support young people at risk of developing mental health problems’. She regularly presents at academic and professional conferences on cutting edge approaches to Positive Education.

Liz regularly presents her research at national and international Coaching and Positive Psychology research conferences.

Liz is a guest lecturer at Loughborough University within the Business School lecturing in Positive Psychology and Coaching on Masters and Undergraduate programmes in Business Psychology, Organisational Psychology and Workplace Wellbeing.

Liz is also a guest lecturer on Bucks New University Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and has previously lectured on the UEL Coaching Psychology Masters, Coaching in Education Module.

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I am a great supporter of the work of Worth-it Projects. Ensuring good mental health and wellbeing is critical, particularly for our young people. Growing up today is tougher than it has ever been and Worth-it Projects offer a real life line to young…
Nicky Morgan MPFormer Secretary for Education, MP for LoughboroughWestminder

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Keynote Speaking and Conferences

Liz is passionate about disseminating her work and research, supporting professionals, organisations and schools to gain strategies that develop wellbeing and resilience. She regularly presents and runs workshops at research and education conferences on the topics of, mental health prevention, whole school mental health Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology and Positive Education.

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